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But they do not! Not to mention trying to peel the paper off a googly eye is an exercise of patience and exhaustion when using many googly eyes in a craft. The Top Four Ways To Make Googly Eyes Stick. Use clear drying tacky craft glue. Forget the self adhesive backing of the googly eyes. Save yourself time and effort by ignoring it Spirit gum tip: apply to back of googly eyes, let it dry for half a minute (do them in batches) then tap the gum a few times with your fingerif you look really close you will see it getting all micro-fibrous...like pulling taffy. This makes it Super Sticky. posted by sexyrobot at 10:46 AM on September 12, 2016 Creativity Street Peel and Stick Wiggle Eyes are perfect for any craft project. These black wiggle eyes are self-adhesive. To use them, simply peel them off of the sheet and stick them onto your project. No glue or tape needed Work in batches of 10 or so, adding a mini chocolate chip to the middle, or a little off to the side to make the eyes googly. You should end up with at least 100 eyes (depending on the size). Let the eyes dry and harden at room temperature for at least 6 hours

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What is one thing on this planet that can make ANYTHING look better? Yes, the answer is googly eyes! Eye stickers on your cat's butt, eye stickers on a coffee machine, eye stickers on the tube of mayo... They make the otherwise 'dead' objects come alive. One simple sticky touch and the world looks like a much better place to be. Ok, but enough of googly praise - check it out for yourself Googly Eyes for Crafts - 718Pcs Googly Eyes Self Adhesive Wide Variety Assorted Size for Creative DIY Crafts, Googly Wiggly Eyes Add Humor to The Festivals 4.6 out of 5 stars 132 $4.9 But most googly eyes are tiny. What if you want to make a car or house look like it has eyes? Don't despair! This pair of Giant Googly Eyes is 7″ in diameter with adhesive on the back. These are great for anything from a refrigerator to a locomotive to the front of your house. Just peel and stick, and enjoy the anthropomorphication This item: DECORA 40mm 1.57 Inch Wiggle Googly Eyes with Self-Adhesive Peel and Stick Pack of 120 Pieces $10.99 Only 8 left in stock - order soon. Sold by DECORA and ships from Amazon Fulfillment

200 Pieces Wiggle Eyes Self Adhesive Black White Googly Eyes for DIY Crafts Decoration (20mm) Creativity Street AC3437-02 Peel and Stick Wiggle Eyes, Black, 60 Piece (Pack of 1) 1680pcs Googly Wiggle Eyes Self Adhesive, for Craft Sticker Eyes Multi Colors and Sizes for DIY by ZZY To help facilitate the removal of the capsule, lift up the modeling chocolate and use your finger to press up against the underside of the modeling chocolate where the capsule is placed. Then peel the capsule away from the modeling chocolate. You will get a nice clean cut and very nice round whites for the eyes One pack contains about 700 pieces of quality wiggle eys with self-adhesive backs. You can just peel off the backs and then stick them to any where you want funny, super easy and convenient. All these google eyes are packed in an transparent pvc flower shaped box How do you peel googly eyes? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency offers a solution for cleaning soft toys that does not involve a washer or the use of sometimes-toxic cleaning chemicals. Pour about 1/2 cup of baking soda into a plastic garbage bag Self Adhesive: all these googly eyes are self-adhesive, just peel off the back film and stick it on anywhere you like and make it alive and interesting

Googly eye stickers have a peel-and-stick adhesive backing. Other wiggle eyes can be glued onto your surface. Find googly eyes for crafts in large and small sizes, as well as brightly colored eyes that have eyelashes and eyelids for a wide variety of looks APPLICATION : The plastic self adhesive peel and stick googly wiggle eyes are perfect supplies for home or school classroom. DIY craft, scrapbooking, decoration projects and other activities. Develop your creativity. Simple just peel off stickers to use, no need for glue. self adhesive wiggle eyes make it easier along with the compact hardy. Googly Eyes Magnets & Closures Paper Mache Crafts Poms & Chenille Stems charles leonard peel'n stick wiggle eyes, 12 packs of 100 $41.99 Save 20% with code 20MADEBYYOU. Rewards Special: Earn Rewards with purchase. Quickview. Online Only. charles leonard wiggle eyes, 48 packs of 50. Peel and stick googly eyes come in a fun illustrated window box.Giant Googly Eyes by Accoutrements: Ideal for a harmless joke or prank; Turns anything into a funny face; Self-adhesive backing for easy application; Includes one pair of peel and stick googly eyes; Each sticker is 7 (17.8 cm) in diameter; Specifications Googly eyes are perfect for making wiggly worms, minions. Our wiggly wobbly googly eyes will stick to almost anything! of the very best quality wiggly googly eyes. Googly Eyes Top Quality Self-Adhesive (Peel & Stick) Wiggly Wobbly Moving Eyes | eBa

WIGGLE EYES: Bring your arts and crafts to life with these Peel & Stick Wiggly Eyes from Colorations! Just the right size for small hands to manipulate, they are ideal for fun-filled craft projects for children to create, learn, pretend and explore. MANY USES: These peel and stick googly eyes are easy and mess-free with no glue required 28 medium eyes (10 mm) 26 large eyes (12 mm) 23 extra-large eyes (15 mm) Help kids grow up fun with Creatology! Your children can use these self-adhesive wiggle eyes to add life to their craft and school projects. Featuring an assortment of sizes, these decorative eyes will help kids unlock more creativity in the world of crafts

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  1. Add these Black Googly Eyes to any of your craft projects. Googly Eyes are great for scrapbooking, collages, thank you cards and more. You can even add these Googly Eyes to photos and embellishments for a goofy addition that's sure to make you smile. The
  2. Googly Eyes 4 results Filter Results . Sort By. 4 results 4 Results. Categories. Activity Kits Art Supplies creativity street® peel & stick wiggle eyes on sheets, black, 6 packs of 49 $25.19 $35.99. Get your business supplies in bulk and at a great, low price 365 days a year with MichaelsPro™ Packs..
  3. Rated 5 out of 5 by Jestelle from Googly eyes!! This package of multiple sized self adhesive googly eyes have been great for random projects my 4 year old wants to work on. She can easily peel the backs off these eyes, stick them where she needs them, and they stay put
  4. Eyes - Googly Eyes. Googly or Wiggle Eyes and craft in oval, round, self adhesive, sew on and glue on. Single packs or bulk available. Some Wiggly Google eyes are in neon and hot colors while the most common is the glue on black and white (stock picture, iris sizes differs depending on size)

The package includes 20 pieces of 7mm, 20 pieces of 10mm, 4 pieces of 15mm, 4 pieces of 20mm, and 2 pieces of 40mm googly eyes. Self-Adhesive: Easy to peel the back and ready to stick to most flat surfaces. The googly eyes stick and hold to surfaces splendidly There are awesome things called glue dots that u can get at any craft store or by the paper crafts sections of meijer. They come on a roll, u stick the googly eye to the glue dot, press it down to make it stick, then peel it off and it's an instant sticker Googly eyes Hole punch Marker Scissors Tape (masking and clear) Directions. 1. Begin by cutting out a large section of contact paper. 2. Lay out the contact paper with the shiny side facing upward and draw five or more feathers in whatever shape you desire. We drew pointed ovals, but you can make rounded ovals, teardrops, or even rhombuses First, these 1500 googly eyes come in a variety of colors (blue, green, red, pink, yellow and white) AND a variety of sizes. Second, they are all self-adhesive - simply pick your eyes, peel the backs and stick them on whatever you have. This drastically reduces the mess and waste of oozing glue

1 bag of googly eyes (this is the one I got, but I bet there are better ones out there) Step one is to peel one of the sticker-backs off and try to stick an eye onto the pumpkin. You will find, like I did, that the adhesive on the backs of the eyes is pretty useless within the context of this craft, so surprise here is a deal where you get 500 for $3.75 on amazon. the 500 pack are small eyes though evidently, and are not peel & stick. the largest eye was the size of an M&M and the smallest was the size of an pencil eraser. here is 60 that are peel & stick for $4.44 and are an add on item. i was going to link to this pack of 700 but the following.

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284pcs round googly eyes in pack with self-adhesive backing. Includes an assortment of four sizes - 6mm, 10mm, 15mm & 20mm. Child-safe range is EN-71 certified to ensure no toxic chemicals are used in the creation of our products. Mega pack offers great value for money. Perfect for use at home, in schools or for craft clubs By placing Googly-Eyes on the postmodern tragedies of the 1980's we're able to see the structures for who they really are. We're able to meet them eye to eye, understand them, and move on with our careers. Thanks to Googly-Eye Buildings we're able to let the healing process begin. For more design talk and general tomfoolery follow us on. NORFOLK, VA—Panning over a disembodied hand as it applied Elmer's glue to a blurry, yellow peel, an unhinged new PETA ad released Monday warned viewers that once you put googly eyes on a banana, eating it is murder. You may think bananas are just some sweet, delicious snack, but what if your banana didn't just hav

Interview with the Googly Eye Guy. May 12, 2019 Natalie Tran. You've seen his work around campus — dining halls, Ridge Walk, even Geisel Library. The Guardian sits down with none other than the Googly Eye Guy.. Anyone can, theoretically, claim that they're behind the googly eyes trend on campus. So why you Repeat procedure until desired number or sets of eyes are made. Allow eyes to harden; peel from wax paper. If necessary, flip eyes so that underside can dry thoroughly. Store in airtight container. * This amount of eyes will decorate about 30 cookies. If using Homemade Candy Eyes, prepare one to two days before making cookies. Store. These Googly Eyes are sorted by size in a box, the box is transparent and easy to carry. And the stickers are easy to peel off, you can stick them on any places. The assorted wiggle eyes are made of high-quality plastic. Each piece is carefully selected, you can use it safely. So, get to craftin'

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 700x Googly Eyes Mixed Size Pack Self Adhesive Peel & Stick Wiggly Wobbly Eyes at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products As you search for stocking stuffers for your kids, look no further than the arts and crafts mainstay that looks right back at you: googly eyes. Whether they're peel-and-stick or attached to a.

collage is your local online art and craft supply store offering you a vast selection of carefully curated art and craft supplies, gifts, collectibles and cur BESTOMZ Wiggle Googly Eyes Self-adhesive DIY Scrapbooking Crafts Toy Accessories with Assorted Size (Black & White), 700 Pieces Pack This set includes 700pcs black wiggle eyes with self-adhesive assortment in 7 sizes, which packed in a transparent flower PVC box. You will find it is super sticky when you peel off the paper on the back of the eyes These peel and stick eyes are wobbly, wiggly and googly and they only cost £1 at Amazon. This includes free delivery so it seems like a no-brainer to grab at least four packets. You can use them on cards, presents, food, veggies, pictures, drawings, clothing and even each other Googly Eyes is a IPA - Imperial style beer brewed by Wander Brewing in Bellingham, WA. Score: 89 with 10 ratings and reviews. Last update: 07-05-2021 June 23, 2016. 9. Just to rub it in our faces that the robot apocalypse is inevitable and near, this is a video DEMONstration of Boston Dymanics' latest killer robot, the 65-pound SpotMini. Now don't be fooled by his googly eyes and diminutive size, this thing will tear your balls (or your boyfriend's or husband's or anybody else's balls that.

Whether they're peel-and-stick or attached to a plastic finger toy, the plastic beads with the wiggling eyes add life to any drab piece of construction paper or cardboard tube. And beyond the world of art projects, googly eyes add instant fun to any situation Self Adhesive Googly Eyes. Just peel the backing & stick! 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and assorted size packs. of the very best quality wiggly googly eyes. These quality wiggly wobbly googly sticky eyes are available. in 4 different sizes and pack sizes of 12 to 500 eyes. (see below for details of all the pack options 2/3/4 Inch Mixed Googly Wiggle Eyes Self Adhesive Back 6 Pack Large Black Giant Wiggle Googly Eyes Stickers for DIY Scrapbooking Crafts Decorations, Toy Accessories (2 3 4 Inch): Amazon.com.au: Kitche Funny Set: this set contains two giant round googly eyes, great for Halloween costume,refrigerator,front door,car and so on, will make your life full of smile! Note: there is protective film on the wiggle eyes' surface, please peel off it before you apply it

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Are you looking for best giant glow in the dark googly eyes, we've consulted top experts who has in-and-out knowledge about the giant glow in the dark googly eyes. We choose the top most quality product, which comes with amazing features you've never heard before. We have filter more than 100+ of product to give [ Feature: 1. DIY plastic eyes are suitable for all kinds of toys, such as dolls, bears, plush toys, etc. Easy to use, can stick on the toys or anything you like, practical, very suitable for handicrafts, very comfortable to use Googly Eyes for Crafts - 718Pcs Googly Eyes Self Adhesive Wide Variety Assorted Size for Creative DIY Crafts, Googly Wiggly Eyes Add Humor to The Festivals $35.56 $ 35 . 56 Creativity Street Peel and Stick Wiggle Eyes Multi-Pack, 60 -Piece Pack (AC3437-02 Googly eyes are perfect for making wiggly worms, minions. Googly Eyes Top Quality Self-Adhesive (Peel & Stick) Wiggly Wobbly Moving Eyes | eBay Our wiggly wobbly googly eyes will stick to almost anything! of the very best quality wiggly googly eyes EASY TO USE & SELF ADHESIVE - We took on-board feedback and made our Googly Eyes self-adhesive. Just peel and stick to enjoy a strong bond to most materials.. 600pk Self Adhesive Googly Eyes | 3 x 200pk Large and Small Sticky Eyes Description. 600 pack of Googly Eyes containing 3 different sizes. Perfect for arts and crafts

Shop for Adhesive Jewels, Adhesive Googly Eyes for Kids' Arts and Crafts Projects for a Fun and Creative Time. Add a decorative touch to your kids' craft projects with our colorful, adhesive jewelry & googly eyes. Sparkle up any DIY craft project with our wide selection of colorful adhesive jewels & googly eyes Glue on Googly Eyes Googly or wiggly eyes are available in many sizes and colors. 6060 eyes offers classic black and white wiggly eyes and color printed wiggly eyes in a variety of styles. Make sure you have a supply of googly eyes handy in your craft supplies for rainy-day kid projects, school artwork or just for your own fun creations Home 1 › Self-adhesive Googly Wiggle Eyes 5 mm to 25 mm Assorted Sizes for Art Craft Projects, 1083 Pieces 2. Self-adhesive Googly Wiggle Eyes 5 mm to 25 mm Assorted Sizes for Art Craft Projects, 1083 Pieces. Regular price £20.95 Tax included

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These googly eyes will adhere to most flat non porous surfaces. Great for cars , windows , laptops etc.We use high quality vinyl.Available in 4 sizes8cm x 8cm10cm x 10cm12cm x 12cm14cm x 14cmThey come in either black or whit Wibbly Wobbly Eyes 6MM. peel of and stick! WITH SELF ADHESIVE. The eyes are white, with a black pupil that wobbles around inside. High Quality 120 Pieces 15mm Black Wiggle Googly Eyes with Self-Adhesive: Amazon.com.au: Kitchen. Skip to main content.com.au. Kitchen & Dining Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Try. Prime. Cart. Also hilarious for pranks!Large Adhesive Wiggly Eyes, Assorted Sizes:Add personality and fun to a variety of surfaces including dolls, art projects, old glasses, gift wrapping and much moreSelf- adhesive, no glue neededGreat for all agesGreat for parties, group projects, and encouraging hands on creativity!Content: 119 eyes, Assorted sizes.

These googly eyes are the absolute light of my life. I bought them on a whim because I felt like putting eyes on stuff. And by God has that purpose been fulfilled. The peel off backs were easy to remove and the adherence was strong. Plenty supplied for the money, various sizes, and all presented in a sturdy container A: Googly Eyes NEW HIGH QUALITY BLACK WIGGLE EYES Our DECORA Brand New high quanlity self adhesive wiggle eyes is great home and party decoration with daily life. Great for the price you pay. The plastic is durable Material: plastic Package: 500 pieces You can use ninja skills to affix their sticky backs onto computers, mice, inspirational.

DIY Googly Eye Pumpkins. It's Day 4 of Pumpkin Week and the ideas keep coming! If you liked yesterday's peel and stick glitter sticker pumpkins, I've got another easy-peasy decorating idea for you. These googly eye pumpkins can be deceiving. While it may look like I painstaking lined up mini googly eyes to spell a word, these are actually just a set of EEK and BOO wiggle eye stickers. Self Adhesive Googly Eyes. Just peel the backing & stick! 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and assorted size packs of the very best quality wiggly googly eyes. These quality wiggly wobbly googly sticky eyes are available in 4 different sizes and pack sizes of 12 to 500 eyes Instructions. Cut the eggs in half lengthwise. Remove the yolks and place them in a small bowl. Add mayonnaise, mustard, salt, and pepper. Mash with a fork until smooth. Fill the eggs with the yolk mixture. Slice three olives in half lengthwise. Place ½ of each olive on top of the yolk mixture A lot of Pom Poms for crafts! Fun Colors, Various Sizes.. Self sticking googly eyes, and a glue stick. It is a good set. a LOT of tiny pom Poms. I will probably get a set of larger Pom Poms too. There are a lot of different sizes of googly eyes. Some of the backs have come off; but you get a glue stick too

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  1. CRAFT VALUE PACK: This set comes with 4 large round glow in the dark googly eyes. These googly eyes are made of plastic. The moving eyes comes with stickers so just easily peel off the back sticker and apply them to your masterpiece. UNLEASH YOUR KIDS IMAGINATION: Let the imagination of your little ones flourish. Use it to create adorable.
  2. 【3D Googly Eyes】Compared with ordinary printed stickers, the newly designed googly eyes will bring you 3D effect, resulting in much more attraction of your handcrafts 【Premium Material】The craft eyes are made with environmentally-friendly material
  3. How to make it: Slice the pit down its natural divide. Using a hot glue gun (with adult supervision!), secure a loop of ribbon to the inside of one half. Shape two pipe cleaners into reindeer antlers and glue on either side of the ribbon. Glue the two halves of the pit back together and let dry. Finally, glue two googly eyes on the face and add.
  4. All these googly eyes are made of plastic with mixed small sizes and fine shape, self-adhesive and durable. The plastic toy wiggle eyes will be a little bit difficult to peel the back of small-sized wiggle eyes, please; Color : Black and White Size : Small. Added on June 18, 202
  5. ADD GOOGLY EYES Peel adhesive backing from the googly eyes. Stick them on the head of your bristlebot. 7 LET IT RUN! Take the free wire and wedge it in between the pipe cleaners and the battery. This will act as the on/off switch. YOU BUILT A BRISTLEBOT. ENJOY! 8 d. Attach the pipe cleaner legs by ˚rmly wedging in between the motor and.
  6. Googly Eyes Peel & Stick Painted Assorted Sizes 100 Pack $6.75 . Googly Eyes 15mm 100 Pack $5.00 . Googly Eyes 12mm 100 Pack $4.50 . Googly Eyes 7mm 100 Pack $3.25 . Googly Eyes Peel & Stick Bright Colors Assorted Sizes 100 Pack.

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  1. Step 3: Make the Eyeballs. If you aren't concerned with durability it's fine to just peel the backs off the googly eyes and just stick them straight onto the ping pong balls. Since I'm putting my outside in possible snow/rain/crazy wind, I pulled the paper backing off the googly eyes and then glued them onto the ping pong balls using the glue gun
  2. 4. Add googly eyes above the snout. You might need an adult to help you peel the back off the googly eyes. 5. Cut some yarn and glue it in the center of the horns above the eyes. 6. Punch or cut a small space at the bottom of the roll in the front and back. Color a rectangle on each side of the space to create the cow's hooves. Wonderful job
  3. Self Adhensive: the googly eyes are self-adhesive, lightweight and durable, you can just peel the backs off and stick to anywhere you want funny, will last for a long while! Wide Application: wiggle eyes are your best choice to activate your home devices and craft works! These round plastic eyes are perfect for crafts making, DIY ornaments.

Test your googly eyes on some bought-veges. I too can testify that I have stuck googly-eyes on all sorts of things, and they have peeled off with absolutely no problems. Because they are raised, they peel off things far easier than fruit stickers do. Again, if they stick to your bought-veges with unusual strength, then get different googly eyes Wrap juice boxes up in white duct tape, white electrical tape or medicine tape. Add googly eyes and secure with a mummy bandage (piece of tape). Tape straw to back of box. 2. Using a tube of white icing as your glue, glue two eyes to pears, apples, bananas or oranges. Completely edible minus the peels

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  1. First I cut out two large circles from the magnetic sheets to adhere to the back of the giant googly eyes I scored from Target. I measured the width of the door and cut my table covering to fit. I just cut slits all the way across for my Frankenstein's hair. I used magnetic sheets even on the inside of the front door to help hold on the hair
  2. • Self adhesive googly eyes • size: 12mm • 50 per pack • just peel & stick • Self adhesive googly eyes • size: 12mm • 50 per pack • just peel & stick Being CREATIVE is not a hobby - it's a way of LIF
  3. 6060eyes is Your Source for High Quality Safety Eyes. We specialize in high quality factory stock and hand-painted safety eyes, superior selection, fast shipping, and a great customer experience. 6060eyes is the sister site to 6060eyes.etsy.com, a top Etsy seller for over 10 years. Your hand-painted eyes are painted to order and shipped fast
  4. Googly Eyes come in a varriety of styles. We offer the classic black pupil inside of a clear enclosure against a white background, printed eyes featuring a printed lid and lashes over a classic googly eye, colored googly eyes, neon googly eyes and sew on eyes. Unlike many of the other eyes we sell, these eyes do not use posts and washers or.
  5. Kids can take objects such as a tennis ball, stick on a couple of googly eyes, and change the object's personality. This kit includes 96 googly eyes with peel-off stickers. Wire-O binding. Full color. Consumable. Kids can take objects such as a ten..

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Add eyes to something without them with these giant glow in the dark googly eyes stickers. 3D with moving eyes. Perfect for tombstones, doors, windows, toilet seats and more. Indoor/outdoor. Adhesive backed, just peel and stick. Like most glow in the dark items, eyes will need to be exposed to light before glow effect will work Giant Glow in the Dark Googly Eyes by Archie McPhee are a set of large adhesive-backed googly eyes that can be used day or night to personify inanimate objects. They suggest that you can vandaleyes a wide variety of things: garages, warehouses, dumpsters, sleeping grandpappies, magician's workshops, villain's lairs, rock clubs, graffiti owls, optometrist shops and. New Listing 100Pcs Self Adhesive Googly Wiggly Eyes 15mm. for Arts & Crafts. Brand New. C $12.76. From United States. or Best Offer. U S p o W n 2 R C s o W r D K e O d 7 E. Googly Eyes Quality Self-Adhesive (Peel & Stick) Wiggly Wobbly Moving Eyes. Brand New. C $10.59. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller You will get 1000 pcs plastic wiggle eyes in 4 different sizes--6mm, 8mm, 10mm,and 12mm. Wiggle eye with self-adhesive,easy to peel and stick. DIY scrapbooking crafts toy accessories,suitable for all craft projects,let you enjoy yourselves with friends and children. They can be made into wiggle eyes animate puppets, pet rocks, photos, drawings,etc 150 Likes, 40 Comments - Mika (@xx_glitter_and_stripes_xx) on Instagram: Hello How are y'all doing today? . Since I just went to see #toystory4 with my lil one,

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Googly Eyes - 500-Pack Adhesive Wiggle Eyes with Case, Moving Eyes, Art Craft Supplies, for DIY, School Projects, Toy Accessory, and Scrapbooking, Doll Making, Decoration, 3 Designs, 7 Sizes CRAFT VALUE PACK: This set comes with 500 googly eyes in three different designs - colorful with eyelashes in round shape, black, oval colorful eyes Hoiny Self-Adhesive Wiggle Eyes, 1200 Pieces, Wiggle Googly Eyes, Plastic Doll's Eyes, Googly Eyes, Self-Adhesive for DIY Scrapbooking Crafts, Various Sizes 4.7 out of 5 stars 112 £6.89 £ 6 . 8 Googly Eyes. Crafts > Children's Crafts. Email to friends Share on Facebook Details about Googly Eyes SELF ADHESIVE Peel and Stick Mixed Size Packs 8 10 15 20mm. Googly Eyes SELF ADHESIVE Peel and Stick Mixed Size Packs 8 10 15 20mm. Item information. Condition: New. How Many

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Eye, eye! These googly eyes will add life to any craft. A great selection of 3 dimensional wiggly eyes. Each eye has a movable black pupil inside. The pack contains a 100 eyes in a selection of useful sizes. To use these peel and stick eyes - simply peel of the back paper and they eyes are ready to stick Next, cut out a beak and a turkey snood using scraps of red and orange construction paper and select the size of the googly eyes you would like your turkey to have. 11. Glue the beak, snood, and googly eyes on the body of the turkey. 12. Gather the feathers, fan them out, and tape them together using clear tape A sheet of googly eyes, stick and peel. Ideal for card making, scrapbooking and other crafts. Easy to use and great fun!Size: 15mmQuantity: 32 pieces (one sheet

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 200 X 10mm WOBBLY GOOGLY EYES. CRAFTS, PLASTIC, PEEL OF STICKER'S, SELF ADHESIVE at the best online prices at eBay Lvcky 40 mm Black Wiggly Googly Eyes with Self-adhesive, 10 Pack by Lvcky: Amazon.com.au: Home Improvemen