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Xenses Admission A park in Playa del Carmen where nothing is what it seems. Rediscover your senses at Xenses, the only half-day park in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya. Feel like a bird on the Bird Flight zip-line or slide in the fast waterslide that leads into a cavern All Inclusive Park Xenses Tour from (From $125.00) Priority Access: Xenses Admission with Transportation (From $107.13) Park Xenses All Inclusive Tour (From $125.00) All Inclusive Tour in Wonderful Park Xenses from Cancun (From $117.00) See all Xenses Park by Xcaret experiences on Tripadviso This case was concealed by the staff of the Xenses Park as well as the State of Quintana Roo, who are protecting the refereeies of the XCARET group, which is known worldwide for its attractions; the Attorney General's Office of the State of Quintana Roo not yet has issued information about it Xcaret is the Mexico theme park where your experience is complemented with top level facilities and services, like locker rooms, showers to freshen up after swimming in the underground rivers and sea, giftshops, modern equipment for the activities, and of course, restaurants with the gastronomy of the whole world; Xcaret is one of the parks in Cancun where you have all things needed to make.

What is Xenses Park like? Well we spent the day exploring this park and brought you this video and article to show if you if this activity is something you w.. Quintana Roo, Mexico (April 01, 2021).- The 13-year-old L.L.G son of the cardiologist Miguel Ángel Luna Calvo, lost his life in the XENSES Park facilities on Saturday, March 27, while enjoying. The park has been operating since 2016 as part of the Xcaret Group, which also runs Xcaret Park, around 47 miles south of Cancun, as well as Xplor Park and Xel-Ha Park. The park has released a statement, acknowledging it deeply regrets the death of 13-year-old Leonardo Luna Guerrero that occurred in the city of Playa del Carmen as a result. And finally, at Xenses nothing is what it seems in the two circuits of activities and more than 50 fantastic scenarios. TOURS IN CANCUN, MEXICO Tour the most interesting and fun attractions of Cancun, Riviera Maya and the entire Yucatan Peninsula with the tours by Xcaret

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Xenses Park is located just south of Playa Del Carmen off the 307 Highway. This park is 45 miles from Cancun and 3.7 miles from Playa Del Carmen. This park is 45 miles from Cancun and 3.7 miles from Playa Del Carmen Visit Xenses, the park where your senses will awake through the more than 14 attractions and 50 fantastic scenarios. Xcaret awaits for you to discover the best of Mexico by its nature and culture. Schedule: Xenses Monday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m to 7:00 p.m. ; Xcaret Monday to Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m

At Xoximilco Cancun, party is waiting in an immersive Mexican ambiance on board a Mexican gondola that will take you through the water canals of the park to enjoy live music, open bar and food. Includes: admission and food at Xoximilco; only admission at Xenses. Duration: 5 h at Xenses; 4 h at Xoximilco. Category: fun, party, culture Xenses Park Cancun: Sensational! Don't settle for just any Cancun tour, do something extraordinary at Xenses Park!Xenses theme park will push all your senses to their limits with activities and scenes designed to awaken every fiber of your body. Brought to you by the Xcaret family of parks, Xenses Mexico is all about sight, smell, touch, taste, sound and everything in between in what is. Optional Tulum and Xenses Park Visit the archaeological zone of Tulum and get to know the new park Xenses on the same day! Travel comfortably from your hotel to the Tulum archaeological site and enjoy a guided tour through its vestiges, the only ones built facing the sea. Afterwards, be ready to awaken your senses at the new park Xenses Tucked just across the driveway from Xcaret, the Xenses park is around 10 minutes south of Playa Del Carmen in Mexico's Riviera Maya and about 50 minutes south of Cancun. Compared to the older, more mature parks of the Xcaret family, Xenses still hasn't hit its stride yet, however that's a good thing if you don't like big crowds

Xenses just might be the most unique experience in the Riviera Maya. This park is filled with illusions and experiences that will test your concept of realit.. Tragic. Apparently the cover for a water filter was left open and the current sucked the teen in. Although he was pulled out, the 13yo succumbed to lung injuries. The family declined to press charges Xenses Park Admission Overview. Take a break from the beaches and let your senses discover the unknown at one of the newest Eco Parks in Cancun in 2018. At Xenses Sensorial Park your imagination will be awakened and your senses challenged with more than 15 activities throughout the day. Become a Xensei of your senses with Happy Shuttle Cancun! Discover one of Cancun's most unusual and surprising attractions—and enjoy a stress-free visiting experience—when you book priority tickets to Xenses Park. A one-of-a-kind amusement park designed to stimulate the senses, the park includes 15 themed areas, and offers activities ranging from a zip-line and spa to immersive installations The guide on the bus to the Xenses park made it clear to purchase a picture package upon arrival if that was something we were interested in, so that's what we did as the photo opportunities are amazing. We had 3 adults including my eldest, and the 2 younger children were free

Xenses is the park in Cancun and Riviera Maya where nothing is what it seems. In here you fill find more than 50 fantastic scenarios to take your senses and mind on a journey to question your reality. XEGURIDAD 360º | SAFE TRAVELS World Travel & Tourism Council Learn about the preventive measures implemented by Grupo Xcaret Enjoy the 17 activities Xenses has for you! Explore the two circuits of this fantastic park and test both your senses and courage. Fly like a bird, slide on a waterslide, relax on a mud river, contemplate the nature of the Riviera Maya and trick your mind with optical effects while you tour this amazing place Get your discount on our newest attraction on Xenses park Entrance Tickets in the Riviera Maya Mexico, south of Cancun. Enjoy a half day tour full of exciting adventures, this park is something like no other. Get ready to enjoy a unique experience. Buy now, skip the lines and save

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  1. Tour Tulum - Xenses - Book your Tickets & Tours Online & Save with Us
  2. Come to Xenses and explode your senses to the fullest. Explore and discover the most incredible emotions in the best amusement park in Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya. Discover unparalleled emotions in a half-day park surrounded by nature and more than 50 wonderful scenarios
  3. Rediscover your senses at Xenses, the only half-day park in the Riviera Maya. Feel like a bird with the Bird Flight zipline, or hop on the slide that leads into a cavern. You will question reality when visiting El Pueblo, where you don't know if you go up or down, if up is down or down is up. Open your perception in Xenses
  4. Xenses Park, a sister company of world-famous Xcaret Park, will captivate each and every one of your senses through vibrant colors, the sounds of natural sounds and scents, multiple textures and fun games, on an enigmatic journey with an approximate duration of 5 hours
  5. Add a visit to Xenses Park to your list of things to do in Cancun! This tour includes round-trip transportation from Cancun and the Riviera Maya. At Xenses Mexico you will experience one of the most fantastic and original adventures that the Mexican Caribbean has for travelers! Xenses is a sister park of Xcaret and Xel Ha, but it offers a.
  6. 136 helpful votes. 3. Re: Child dies in Xenses park. Apr 2, 2021, 10:38 AM. Save. A new statement has been issued after the father has been speaking to the press about the incident. The father, who is a doctor, was highly critical of the emergency response by the park and the poorly equipped ambulance that responded
  7. Tour All Inclusive in Xenses Park from Cancun . Bus Tours. from C$157.96 per adult. Private Transfer to Xplor / Xenses / Xplor Fire from Playa del Carmen. Bus Tours. from C$31.59 per group (up to 4) Day of wonder at Xenses! Bus Tours. from C$137.74 per adult. Amazing Tour at Xenses with round transportation

The park has been operating since 2016 as part of the Xcaret Group, which also runs Xcaret Park, around 47 miles south of Cancun, as well as Xplor Park and Xel-Ha Park Xenses in numbers: Opening date: Summer 2016. Extension: 23 hectares. Capacity: 4,000 visitors daily at two schedules (2,000 visitors each) Distance from Cancun: 60 km. Direct jobs: 129 jobs. Indirect jobs: 516 jobs. Official website: www.parquexenses.com. Activities: over 17 different activities that challenge the power of the senses and the mind Where is Xenses located? Xenses converges very well with Xcaret, Xplor, Xenotes and Rio Secreto, in short it is located less than 1 minute away from each of them. To be a little clearer, the park is located 5 minutes from the outskirts of Playa del Carmen and is very easy to get to, both by public and private transportation Xenses is located right beside Xcaret Park, so it's about 10 minutes (3.7 miles) south of Playa Del Carmen, and about an hour (45 miles) south of Cancun. You can take a taxi from your hotel to Xenses, or you can add the transportation option which will pick you up and drop you off directly at your hotel or resort By Xenses Park by Xcaret. Book in advance. from $71.79 per adult. Enter date 2. Check availability. ATV, Ziplines and Cenote Tour at Extreme Adventure Eco Park Cancun. 413. Playa del Carmen Jungle Tour: Tulum, Cenote Snorkeling, Ziplining and Lunch. 84. Walking Food Tour in Downtown Playa del Carmen. 6

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  1. Xenses Park is one of the spectacular, well thought out, Xcaret Parks of Cancun and Riviera Maya. If you have not tried one of the Xcaret Parks, you really need too! As someone who loves to travel, these parks offer you glimpses into Mexican culture. What is Xcaret park? I would consider them to be a Mexican theme park
  2. Xenses is a theme park that is more or less 5 or 6 years old and is part of the Xcaret Group family of attractions. Let's remember that the Xcaret group is one of the great tourist pioneers of the city and gives us incredible, dazzling and exciting experiences in each of its parks. Well, the Xenses theme park is not far behind, as it offers.
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  1. Experience a trip you'll never forget during this 5-hour trip to Xenses Park from Cancun. You'll be picked up at your hotel and head out of the city to Xenses, a recreational park designed to challenge and stimulate the senses. Wander through the Labyrinth of Underground Arteries, hike through deep caverns or float along the Salty River
  2. If you purchase an option with transportation, hotel pickup is available from most Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Riviera Maya hotels. Please arrange pickup from your hotel or a nearby location when you confirm your reservation. The park is open Monday through Saturday from 8:30 AM-7 PM. Children 4 and younger are complimentary
  3. Extras. Enjoy it to the fullest and forget about having to organize your Xenses tour in the Riviera Maya! With this tour, you can enter the park that will activate all your senses, and you will live a unique experience, full of adrenaline and fun. On the tour, you will enjoy transportation, entrance tickets, food, drinks, and many more surprises

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Cancun Adventure Parks > Xenses Park > Xenses Park. Rediscover everything you know, awaken your imagination and challenge your perception in Xenses. Here you can enjoy different scenarios, real and imaginary, that will make you live a unique experience. Xenses is a park with more than 15 activities that will rediscover your emotions in a. Xenses Park new opening. As part of the celebration of 25 years of the Xcaret Park, it was unveiled the opening of this new park with an investment of over 20 million dollars. Xenses will focus to create sensorial, olfactory, auditory and tactile experiences that will involve the mind and senses of visitors, using various natural elements such. Xenses: Experience an Extraordinary Sensorial Park in Cancun. Xenses Park is the most recent addition to the Experiencias Xcaret family of attractions. Located just south of Playa del Carmen beside Xcaret, Xenses Park promises an extraordinary experience that challenges your mind, your body and your perceptions of the universe. Xenses Park brings you 15 unique and interactive experiences. From Cancun & Riviera Maya: Xenses Park & Tulum Ruins. View all 12 images. From Cancun & Riviera Maya: Xenses Park & Tulum Ruins. From $129.99 per person. Book now. Take an exhilarating adventure to Xenses Theme Park before discovering the ancient wonders of the Tulum Ruins Enjoy the Xenses the newest experience & attraction from Cancun. Xenses is the newest park, but this is no ordinary park, is one that will tease your brain and challenge your senses with its 15 unique attractions. This will be a totally unique adventure one to remember. A park that you can enjoy with the whole family, everyone will enjoy a unique park full of great optical illusions, sensorial.

Xenses is a sensorial park designed to play with your sensorial system, Xensatorium where you will touch, hear and smell, the xitric garden where you will taste, the town where you will see optical illusions. Inclusions. Admission to the park; Lockers, towels, showers, changing rooms; Round-trip transportation (if selected The park created to challenge your Senses Cancun Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya Information and updated prices 2020 Description Can you imagine discovering different ecosystems in complete darkness through sensations and sounds using different senses, or relaxing in a river in which you will always float, you will be interested in knowing xenses This [ 1 - Xcaret Theme Park. Hidden underground rivers and a mixture of Mexican and Caribbean culture are on the agenda at Xcaret Park, one of the best theme parks in Cancun. Xcaret is a water, theme, amusement and eco-archaeological park all in one and is located in Playa del Carmen. There is an underground river, beach area and lagoon for those. Xenses Park offers free parking if you choose to drive there, or you can purchase a package with transportation included with your admission. Ask at the tour agency on site at Villa del Palmar Cancun for tickets and tours to this fabulous Cancun attraction. Source: XensesPar

Live the most unusual fun experiences in Xenses Park. Turn into a midget, explore the upside-down world, or fly like a bird through the jungle and more. Price from $89.99 USD. Departures available from: Cancun. price per person Xenses is Experiencias Xcaret's new park in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Test your mind and your senses while you slide, fly and immerse yourself in fun. Enjoy more than 15 activities with fantastic scenarios by land, air and water. Rediscover the world with new sensations, be a child again! Includes: Park admissio From Cancun & Riviera Maya: Xenses Park & Tulum Ruins Pickup available; Duration: 6 hours; From. $129.99 per person Entry ticket Family friendly Xenses Park: Entry Ticket Valid: 1 day; 5.0 3 reviews From. $69.99 per person See all tours & things to do in Xenses Park. Booking your Xcaret Park tickets is the key to enter one of the high rated Theme Parks in Cancun. Get to know a bit of Mexico history with more than 40 activities included in your Xcaret Eco Park admission. Discover archaeological sites, cenotes, underground rivers and cultural exhibitions. As the sun goes down take a seat to enjoy Xcaret.

XENSES PARK XENSES PARK. TULUM. $119 USD US$ 90. Come to Xenses to discover the funniest way to use your senses. Unleash your sensations in an incredible half-day park that takes you through two circuits of unique activities in more than 50 fantastic scenarios. Ear, sight, smell, touch, taste and many other senses that you are about to. Kids prices remain the same, no matter how many. Infants are free. (Child rate is based on age or height as set out by the park). 13 people max per vehicle regardless of ages. 14 people (including infants) or more, will require 2 or more vans and the rates will change. Feel free to email us with any questions. Private Tulum & Xenses Cancun Top Tours $ 37.50 - $ 127.50; Make your own combo deal by selecting three or four parks from the Cancun Top Tours, and get instant savings up to 25% off from the regular price. All tours in this section come with round-trip transportation (Must be different tours) If you have questions, text us on the live chat button. Select option

Xenses. 362K likes. Xenses es un lugar mágico donde podrás redescubrir el poder de tus sentidos y tu mente. ¡Ya abrimos! ¡Te esperamos Xenses Park only $84.00 USD for a limited time. Xenses provides one of the best experiences in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Enjoy the best water activities in Cancun & Riviera Maya, with this all inclusive experience

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Hotel Xcaret Cancun Mexico - All Inclusive Riviera Maya - Call Toll Free: 1-888-774-0040 or Book Online. XCARET PARK - LIVE MEXICO'S MAJESTIC PARADISE. XENSES PARK - AWAKEN YOUR SENSES IN A FANTASTIC WORLD Book your tickets online for Xenses Park by Xcaret, Playa del Carmen: See 1,646 reviews, articles, and 1,917 photos of Xenses Park by Xcaret, ranked No.10 on Tripadvisor among 81 attractions in Playa del Carmen Entrance to Xenses theme park. Photo by Carrie Dow Xenses. I am inside the Xensatorium at Xenses, an unusual theme park near Cancun on the Mexican Riviera. The park's theme is to explore our senses and even use those senses to fool our brains about reality. Xenses forces us to experience the world differently because things are not just what.

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This is a very special one: first it takes you to the extraordinary archaeological zone of Tulum, the only one built on the banks of the majestic Caribbean Sea.Then it takes you to the new Xenses park, where your senses will wake up like never before! We will arrive by you to your hotel and you will have a tour with a specialized guide in Tulum, where you will discover the secrets of the 60. TULUM & XENSES: MAYAN COMBO. FROM CANCUN - SEE FROM PLAYA DEL CARMEN AND RIVIERA MAYA. ADULTS: $130.00 $116.99 KIDS (5-11): $65.00 $58.49 - YOU SAVE 10% ! Come with us and enjoy a great and combo tour that includes a tour to the ancient Mayan city of Tulum as part of our cultural tour, then you get to enjoy the newest Xenses park on the same day Xenses Sensorial Park (departs from Cancun) Cenotes are the iconic natural treasures of the Yucatan Peninsula, with more than 5,000 hidden in its jungle clad interior. Enjoy this incredible trip to four different types of cenotes, including two open cenotes, one semi-open cenote and one cave cenote Afterwards, be ready to awaken your senses aVisit Tulum and get to know the new park Xenses on the same day from Cancun or Riviera Maya to! Enjoy a package that combines an archaeological tour and a visit to Experiencias Xcaret's new park on the same day. Travel comfortably from your hotel to the Tulum archaeological site and enjoy a guided tour through its vesti-ges, the only ones built.

Awaken all your senses and live the Xenses park experience. Get your tickets at the best price! US TOLL FREE: 1 (800) 810-9015 | From Mexico: +52 998 275 5023 8:00am a 10:00p Xenses Park Day Trip. We'll pick you up from your hotel at your selected time, leaving the Yucatan peninsula behind and heading west to the Xenses leisure park.Over the course of the day, you'll be able to put your five senses to the test, in more than fifteen fun activities in the park.. Optical illusions, puzzles, interactive zones... at Xenses you'll be able to interact with nature and take. Xenses will play with our senses, sensory stimulations tours, thematic atmospheres, water circuits, zip lines, 3D movies, artificial pools and ponds all in order to confuse our conscience and remind us how important our senses are. The second stop is the fantastic adventure park of Xplor, it is located only 5 minute away from Xenses Xenses is Experiencias Xcaret's new Park in the Riviera Maya. A unique half-day experience for your senses, even those you never knew you had! Tour along two circuits of 15 total attractions that go over land, air and water, and through unusual scenarios that will astonish you. Rediscover the world with new sensations, get back to being a kid Xenses Park. Una nueva aventura especial para tus sentidos. Eco Aventura Actividades Parques Temáticos. Descripción Despierta tu imaginación y desafía tu percepción en Xenses. Aquí podrás disfrutar diferentes escenarios, reales e imaginarios, que te harán vivir una experiencia única. Xenses es un parque con más de 15 actividades que.

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Tulum & Xenses Park! the best match for your next trip to the Riviera Maya. In addition to exploring an ancient Mayan city, you will enjoy stunning visual, auditory, olfactory, and tactile stimuli in an extraordinary park. This is an unforgettable experience in the Riviera Maya Arrival at Xenses: 12 noon - 12:30 PM. Xenses Duration: 5hrs approx. Tulum Tour Duration: 2hrs. Discounted Tickets. Children aged 5 - 11 enjoy reduced prices on their tickets; An official ID must be presented at the Park's ticket booths. In case this isn't possible, the child's rate will apply to those who measure between 3 and 4.5 f XENSES. REDISCOVER YOUR SENSES IN XENSES, THE ONLY HALF-DAY PARK IN THE RIVIERA MAYA. FEEL LIKE A BIRD WITH THE BIRD FLIGHT ZIP-LINE, OR RIDE A WATERSLIDE THAT RUNS INTO A CAVE. You will question reality when visiting the Town, where you do not know if you re going up or down, if up is down or if down is up. Open your perception in Xenses

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Xenses Park Admission Excursions in Cancun (and vicinity) 100% refund if you can't attend due to many reasons found in our refundable terms. From $77.46. Check availability. Duration: Flexible Recommended activity for: Families, Couples, Adult only, Senior Available: Everyday except Sunda Redeem your voucher directly at Xenses Park; Address: Carretera Chetumal - Puerto Juárez km 282 MZA 021 Lote 062 Colonia Xcaret, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico; Get Directions to the Ticket Redemption Point. Getting There. 45 miles from Cancun; 3.7 miles from Playa del Carmen; Validity. The ticket is valid for the date selected during. Xenses Park entrance ticket is your pass to a half-day full of fun and different experiences. The park is a great way to create uncomparable memories and enjoy crazy scenarios. As it said: Expect the unexpected! If you want to get transportation to the park, you can book the Xenses Park With Transportatio Then, around 45 minutes away from Cancun airport, is Playa del Carmen, the most popular destination in the Riviera. While keeping its fresh and laid-back vibe, you may still find luxury brands and hotels here. However, small restaurants and crafts are the main event of the city. A few miles later, you'll find Xplor park, where the freedom begins

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168 reviews. 136 helpful votes. 3. Re: Child dies in Xenses park. 2 Apr 2021, 15:38. Save. A new statement has been issued after the father has been speaking to the press about the incident. The father, who is a doctor, was highly critical of the emergency response by the park and the poorly equipped ambulance that responded Xenses is Cancun's most recently addition when it comes to fabulous adventure parks. At Xenses you will get in touch with your personal senses.Cancun's newest adventure park is located just a few miles from Cancun and if you are seeking an amazing excursion, then this is the place for you.. Cancun's Adventure Park for the Senses. There are several activities that will surely challenge. Your Xcaret Tour from Cancun begins early in the morning being transferred from your hotel to the park aboard a shared bus. Your Xcaret Cancun Tickets gives you unlimited entrance to Mayan archeological sites, mysterious underground rivers and caves, live performances, butterfly pavilion, aviary, coral reef aquarium and a walk through a.

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  1. Tulum - Xenses Tour . Follow the steps of the ancient Mayans and enter the wondrous attractions at Xenses in one day! At the Tulum - Xenses Tour you will enter the archaeological zone since Tulum is the only Mayan city on the Caribbean coastline. When arriving at the pre-Hispanic city of Tulum, you will board a picturesque train to get to the access.A certified guide will give you details.
  2. If you are looking for new and fun things to do in Cancun & Riviera Maya, visiting Xoximilco Park in Cancun Mexico must be your number one option. Prepare for a Mexican party like no other, sail away in a trajinera (colorful barges) on a night full of typical music, dances, delicious Mexican dishes and much more included in your tickets to.
  3. d, where nothing is what it seems.The experiences take place on the ground, underground, in the air and water and will bring visitors into contact with nature
  4. d and senses. A day walking through over 50 fantastic scenarios and unique activities where you can take amazing photos. You will use your five senses in this incredible tour and you will love it
  5. The best Mexican party in Cancun is waiting for you. Tour on a Mexican gondola by the park's canals while dancing to live music, making new friends, and enjoying a traditional dinner and open bar. Monday to Saturday from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Subject to change due to official regulations. *This park requires a reservation

Xenses. 363,769 likes · 1,716 talking about this · 117,428 were here. Xenses es un lugar mágico donde podrás redescubrir el poder de tus sentidos y tu mente. ¡Te esperamos ¿Sabías que estar en contacto con la naturaleza produce beneficios p... ara la salud física y mental? Este oasis en la Riviera Maya te guiará por un recorrido que despertará tus sentidos See Mor Xenses Park - Cancun Tours - Cancun Discounts at the best price! Xcaret experiences. Underwater mud River - Riviera Maya. Saved by Cancun Discounts. 414. Mexico Vacation Spots Cancun Vacation Vacation Places Mexico Travel Mexico Honeymoon Spain Travel Romantic Destinations Romantic Vacations Dream Vacations

ECO-PARKS. Cancun and the Riviera Maya, for being sites with diverse areas suitable for water activities and close to nature offers very particular attractions, in which the protagonist is the visitor.We offer the best tours and excursions departing from Cancun to Xcaret, Xel Ha, Xenses, Xenotes, Xoximilco, Xplor and Xplor Fuego. We will begin by mentioning a site that is recognized by an. The basic problem here is that Xcaret is huge for Cancun's economy, it's a premium and very expensive park, with stakeholders ranging from big businessman, politicians and even (possibly) organize crime. So maybe will be difficult for the park to close down due to all the corruption, we will see how this goes

Xenses Park: Fast-Track Admission & Transport. Discover a world of pure imagination, with rides, giant illusions and more! From $99.99 . Find out more What's included Fast track entrance to Xenses Park. 5 hours circuit of rides and attractions. Access to lockers, restrooms and showers. Nothing is quite what it seems in Xenses Park. This Mexican amusement park, in the coastal resort of Cancun, is full of unique activities and optical..

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  1. About Xenses Park Admission + Transportation: About the Package: Enter a world where down is sometimes up, and the things you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel do not necessarily correlate with what you have always known to be true. In this new landscape of the real, forget your assumptions and chart your course laterally, and awaken with a new.
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  3. Xenses Park | Alma's LDS Tours in Cancun. from Alma's LDS Tours in Cancun Plus . 2 years ago. LDS TOUR 24. COBA RUINS AND XENSES PARK. OVERVIEW: Add some Mayan adventure to your vacation and combine this incredible experience with the Riviera Maya's very own sensory theme park at Xenses by Xcaret Experiences
  4. Xenses. September 30, 2020 ·. Como cuando te quieres dar un baño de lodo pero se te pasa la mano . de: @ivettegutierrez. 109K109K. 7.4K Comments 30K Shares
  5. Save 15% by buying your ticket online at least 21 days before your visit, or, save 10% if you book 7 to 20 days before your visit.Offer valid for: Xcaret Park, Xel-Há, Xplor, Xplor Fuego, Xoximilco, Xenses, Xichén Tours, or Xenotes. Note: For Xichén Tours and Xenotes, purchasing 1 to 20 days in advance saves you 10%
  6. Discover Xenses by Xcaret, a park where your senses are tested. Have a look at videos and see what this cool adventure park is all about. Get Xenses coupon
  7. dblowing experiences - soar through the skies, slide down the Sludgerie, swim in the pristine lagoons and explore a Mexican village where the rules of physics don't apply. The technicolor entrance hub is your portal to the park's zones, each more inventive than the last
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