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If you do not see any comments on a Facebook post, it might not be an error but a policy measure. Sometimes, Facebook administration itself may temporarily block specific actions like writing comments on it if: Their security systems considered any of the publications suspicious or inappropriate. People have flagged messages For example, if you can't see comments on Facebook app on your iPhone, log into Facebook on your Mac and check if you see the comments there; if you can't see comments on Facebook webpage, close the window, install Facebook app, log in and see if comments work fine. Solution 5: Re-download Facebook Ap Go to your Facebook Page, open your Admin panel. Click Edit Page, then select Use Activity Log from the dropdown menu On the right side of the page, click All and select Spam from the dropdown menu Find any posts or comments that you don't want hidden - then select the little circle at the right of the pos You do not have comments enabled on your page/post To correct this go to pages/posts, find the page/post in question and click on edit. Then look to the top right of your screen for the tab that says; 'Screen Options' From the drop down click the Discussion box You mean comments are NOT showing up in my Facebook profile, right? - Gaurav Gupta Aug 4 '11 at 16:42. Yes, i implemented in my site and few of my friends posted a comment there. And it is not showing up in their profiles - mikerbrt Aug 5 '11 at 7:10. Add a comment

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Hello! This is a question about Facebook problem. The fact is that when I try to see the comments on a post, I can't see any of the comments, or only very short comments (i don't know why), because it is in Top Comments, and when I put it in Top Comments (Unfiltered) i see all of the comments The problem is, even if you check the notifications on your Facebook Fan Page, you might not even realize that some comments are invisible, or hidden from the post thread. You have to manually check each post, and look for comments to mark as not spam Hiding Facebook Comment activity and Friending activity prevents status updates from showing up on my own wall 4 Facebook - Likes and comments not showing up in news feed; Photos tab is not visible to everyon

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If you hide all comments, then you've effectively disabled comments on your page. Facebook doesn't have such a feature built-in or a hide all comments option, though there is a workaround to this.. Look man i also show u how to you will find your all comments on facebook. 1st you go your setting and go on yellow mark your profile information Then go to Access your information Then open comments which are yellow mark you will got your all comments on facebook

I am using Facebook comments on my blog posts. I see I have the option to post comments given in the site at the facebook page. However, I would expect that the comments written at the facebook page would also appear in the blog, in order to keep a consistent discussion - that is NOT happening In addition, if the writer changes the privacy of the Fan Page, you won't see comments. Part 3: [6 Methods] How to See Comments on Facebook Live Video. Now you have already known what is Facebook Live and why you can't see comments on Facebook Live video. So here we provide with you some general solutions. Solution 1: Check Your Network Connectio

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This is most visible on Facebook with likes. It's an all-too-frequent occurrence that you'll have a friend, someone you can personally verify, like your page, only to find that like not showing up. Or, for example, a page with three admins, showing a different number of likes to each admin how to fix profile icon not showing in facebook home pageprofile icon missing from facebook home page problem solve #profileicon #facebook #techzill

Facebook LIVE Comments not showing up? So many people are experiencing major problems with Facebook LIVE comments not showing up. Many of our LuLaRoe consultants are struggling daily to get them to show up. I have a few suggestions to try and see if it helps. Facebook is making lots of changes to the Facebook LIVE platform right now and those. I am also not able to comment on my own photo. It only happens on MY LAPTOP. If i log in to my FB account from other PC i can see the comments & I can make comments as wel. Hence it appers to be the problem related to the PC and not the facebook. I think its related to java version or some pluging required Facebook page moderation blocklist. Facebook page settings give you the option of creating a list of 'blocked words', which in theory means you could prevent any negative comments being posted on your walls if you blocked negative words like 'bad' or 'awful'. Any comments containing any of the blocked words will be flagged as spam. To stop seeing any like or view counts, in the Facebook app tap Settings & Privacy > Settings > News Feed Settings and tap Reaction Counts. Turn off reaction counts for your posts or all the posts in your newsfeed. You can also hide reactions on a per-post basis using the three-dot menu. Was this page helpful

Scroll to the post you want to comment on. You'll see your own personal profile photo at the bottom-right corner. Tap your profile photo. This displays a list of all other Pages you can comment as. Select the Page you want to comment as. This changes your profile icon below the post to the one connected to your Page 1) One strategy that many brand pages have been using is to send out posts like this: After performing some tests it now appears that if you like a page Get Notifications and Show in News Feed are not automatically checked. So for anyone recently liking your page make sure they check those two options

The Facebook News Feed default is to show you the Top Stories. That means you're going to see the posts that have a lot of comments and likes. Even worse, the more comments and likes they continue to get, the more likely you'll see the same stories again at the top of your Facebook news feed Comment on a Page on Facebook on Mobile vs. Desktop. One last thing to know about posting as a Page on Facebook: All the above only work that way in desktop mode. If you are managing your Facebook Page on mobile, the best practice is to download the Facebook Pages Manager. It allows you to comment as your Page throughout Facebook Has this happened to you - you post something on a business' page and you cannot see it? Most likely not your fault. Here is how to fix Scroll down and in the left sidebar look for 'See Page Feed' 3. Facebook directs you to your Page's news feed. From here, you can comment on, share, and interact with the posts of pages you. Also happening to me, or I'll get a notification saying someone posted on my wall and it doesn't show up same here plus my friends comments arent showing in my hotmail as they normally do. its not even worh resending the comment in case the original appears later.:mad

If you post on a public page, it is like writing on their billboard. The public can all see it. Moving on to comments: If you comment on a friend's page or a public page's post, that comment is visible to anyone who could view the original post, but it won't show up on your timeline, because the original post wasn't written in your 'diary' Whenever anyone who isn't a page admin clicks on the 1 reply/2 replies link under any comment that has been replied to, the replies don't show up. Only a textbox for that user to reply shows up. It doesn't matter if Most relevant or All comments has been chosen, replies to comments simply don't show up for users How to Turn Off the Comments for the Most Part. Go to Facebook through your favorite web browser, Chrome is preferred. Then, click on the triangle-shaped icon on the top right corner of the screen. Next, click on the Settings button from the drop-down menu to proceed. After that, start navigating through the left panel and click on Public Comments

I know Facebook pages have the ability for admins to disable photos in comments which says to do so by disabling photo/video posts to a page's timeline (which seems counter-intuitive, but I digress).. However, there appears to be no way to enable or disable photos in comments on personal posts (comments for profile posts or album photos not associated with a page) I can not post a comment to a facebook private group that I am admin to . This just started. I also cannot create an event in the same private group. Not all of the comments are showing. May. i agree, facebook is not protecting my privacy if my friends can see what i comment on some page they are not even following! this is ridiculous and i ll stop using fb, it is not worth the hassle, i don't feel comfortable. fb you're a joke now, like page for kids There is an option in facebook page settings where you can set permissions. Make sure that you select 'All posts' for 'Wall Tab Shows' field. Go to: Edit->Manage permission So, these separate comments are now the comments that appear under the photo on my tagged friends pages, but not under my page. They are only under the photo when you click on it

I run a community Facebook page, not a business page or a group. Since the latest Apple software update, every post to the page is duplicated to the visitor page. This is only visible to those using iPad and iPhone. Doesn't show using Safari browser Or laptop's Windows 10 browsers If the posts on your page are 2-3 years old then they may not show up in the Facebook API and so may not be able to be displayed by the plugin. Solution: Try creating a brand new post on your Facebook page and see whether it then shows up in the Facebook feed on your website. 6) The plugin's Customize settings weren't saved successfully. Scroll to the post you want to comment on. You'll see your own personal profile photo at the bottom-right corner. Tap your profile photo. This displays a list of all other Pages you can comment as. Select the Page you want to comment as. This changes your profile icon below the post to the one connected to your Page

Facebook Timeline Keeps Refreshing and Jumping to the Top of Page [Fix] Remove Ads Not by Facebook Virus on Timeline. Facebook Home Page Not Loading - White Screen [2012] Fortunately, there are a few solutions that have been reported so solve the issue of no posts showing up on your Facebook Timeline profile and/or wall Why does your facebook page plugin not showing properly, it just show a blank box?Check to see if:1. You have entered the correct Page URL2. Your page is unp..

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Here are the steps for how to leave a Facebook review: Click the Reviews/Recommendations tab. Click 'Yes' to recommend the Page. Write your recommendation and if you use mobile upload a photo along with the recommendation text. You can also choose a tag such as great service, amazing staff or similar. Click Post You've taken the time to add a Facebook 'Like Box' to your website. It worked great at first - showing your most recent posts and/or the people who have 'Liked' your Facebook page. But now you notice that instead of displaying your Facebook information in the box on your website, it now shows this error: 'This public profile is not visible'. If you go and to Facebook, then return to your.

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  1. g to your profile, Facebook sets the privacy to friends-only by default (even though StreamYard asks to make it public). As of February 2019, if you want viewer comments to show up on StreamYard, you'll need to make your streams public. NOTE: This only applies to Facebook profiles, not pages/groups
  2. How to stop my Facebook comments on a friend/page's posts 2019how to stop friends from seeing my likes and comments on facebook 2018how do i stop my comments..
  3. g to a Facebook group, the Facebook comments on StreamYard will not show you who commented. They look like this: I know, what a bummer! Note that this only applies to Facebook.
  4. Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know
  5. The answer to your question, which everyone else appears to be avoiding, is that you can't. At least not anymore. Many Facebook users are in the same situation. They have an old friend or family member, whom they don't want to block, who keeps pos..
  6. Go to your business page front page. Locate on the right hand side of your page (under Our Story) the see pages feed option. Click the see pages feed wording. On the new screen you will see a button on the top that says like other pages. Click the green like other pages and begin to put in the page you want to like

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  1. 1. Click your company page's profile pic thumbnail and select your personal profile. 2. Scroll to a previous post and comment on it. You switch profiles and comment by clicking on the small profile pic with the down arrow and selecting another profile
  2. June 5, 2014. 15 Comments. If you're trying to build a fan base for your Facebook page, continually inviting people to like it most probably isn't the best way to accomplish this. What people don.
  3. I'm just trying to share a post from a FB page (not my page) to my personal wall, mainly wanting to share because of all the hilarious comments people had made on the original FB post. I've tried sharing it everyway I can think of - phone, computer, sharing, linking, etc. and can't get the comments/reactions from the original post to be included

Facebook has become ubiquitous in today's world. It's something you expect to always be there and working, ready to service your need to snoop on peple from your distant past and get involved in whatever strange Facebook groups you're part of. If pictures are not loading on Facebook, then that defeats a big point of the social site's. Reasons like these can mean a Business Page's URL is different than the display name showing beneath the cover photo. If you aren't having any luck locating the Business Page you want to tag by typing the Page name, check the Business Page URL and enter those words instead. S-l-o-w-l-y type your Page's username This seems to help locate.

1. Go to Admin Panel > Edit Page > Update Info. 2. Enter a Physical Address. 3. Check the Box to Show this map on the Page. And that's it. For whatever reason, Facebook only allows Recommendations for Pages that have not only provided a physical location but chose to display a map within their applications Check your notification settings or your notifications. You may have done what I chose to do and not realized it. If someone tags you in anything you have to essentially 'approve' of the content so then it goes onto your profile once you have. Che.. Facebook Page Tagging - An Update. Since I published my previous post on Facebook Tagging, I've received many questions from readers about their challenges trying to tag photos on Facebook Pages.Many are confused over the lack of notifications, who can be tagged and when

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  1. I highly recommend you use Facebook as your Page in the same way you use your personal profile. Comment on posts, connect with other Pages and be social as your Page. Your Page will be much more visible to other Pages and the fans of those Pages. #4: Comment as Your Profile on Your Page. The default setting is to always comment as your Page.
  2. For such page/s you will have to to Facebook from a browser (chrome, Firefox etc), do not use the Facebook app already installed on your phone. After , you follow the same procedures as.
  3. Custom Facebook Feed. By lhijar , June 18, 2015. Not only is our company in love with this plugin, but also SmashBalloon's customer service; they are beyond amazing. The plugin itself is extremely easy to use for non-programmers, it's very customizable, the functionality is fantastic, and very easy to set up
  4. The next page will appear, showing the metadata information for the page, along with other relevant information that Facebook reads: Scroll down until you get to the bottom of the page, where it shows what the link will look like when pasted
  5. Here's how to verify your Facebook page: 1A. Go to your page, click Settings at the top right, and then find the row that says Page Verification.. Click Edit on the right side. 1B. If you don't see the Page Verification section, you may need to change your page's Category (in the About section). Anecdotally , these.

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The other issue with your Like Box not showing up may be just because someone is logged in as a Fan Page. There's nothing you can do about that. You do have to be logged in as your personal profile to get some of these Facebook widgets to work such as the Like Box and Like Button. Watch the video to see the tutorial on what the problem looks. On Facebook.com, you must be logged into the Facebook Profile that is an admin/creator of the Facebook Group or Page you're trying to connect. Note : You must be logged into a full Facebook Profile to access all features of Facebook and SmarterQueue So rest assured, when you like a page on Facebook, it does not act like you are accepting a Friend Request. The page cannot interact with you like a friend would be able to After tons of searching I finally found the problem. In the settings for my Facebook page I had told it to only display my page to audiences in the United States. This meant that if the user was not logged into Facebook through their browser the like button would not show up. Sure enough, I was not logged into Facebook in Chrome, Safari or.

Open the Facebook Event you want to add to your page. Click on the on the right-hand side just under the image. Click Add to Page and select the page you want to add it to. You're done! Prev. Previous 5 Free Apps I Use to Make Awesome Social Media Content 1 Answer1. Active Oldest Votes. -2. Groups may designate whether they allow Pages to join, or only Members. The difference being that if you are applying to join as yourself, or as a fan page/business page/etc. If the group does not allow Pages to become members then this option will not even show up. According to Facebook this is due to.

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Why not check out my beautifully designed, feminine, WordPress themes by clicking HERE. 2.) Next, click on COMMENTS AND TRACKBACKS. 3.) Check the box next to Enable Comments for Posts. This is where you can enable them for your pages too. It's totally up to you Problem Fixed: New Facebook Likes Not Showing Up. Posted on January 8, 2012 by Krunk. For the past few weeks, I've noticed that new Facebook likes weren't showing up on our site. The funny thing was old pages which had likes previously would increment correctly. New pages would register your like, but not reflect that on the page once you.

We've all had it happen: A negative comment on a Facebook Page post glares at you from the screen. Our first instinct (or at least, mine) is to hide the negative comment or somehow bury it, so it won't hurt the post or my business. We do, after all, have the option to hide comments on Facebook Since I currently have to entirely rely on my q10 for FB this is getting really annoying. There are posts with long discussion threads. For some time already the FB app has consistently shown me only some of the comments (it still used to show me all of them some months ago), so that I have to open FB in my phone's browser. Needless to say that the web versions ( mobile and desktop) do not.

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And I had an interesting number of likes and comments, and even emoticons and gifs to boot. Based on my Facebook network's responses and based on personal experiences, here are possible reasons why people are not liking or commenting on your Facebook posts: No Internet - Yes, you read it right. Maybe this person who invited you as Facebook. 3 - Scroll down and click Comment Ranking. 4 - Uncheck the box beside See most relevant comments by default. 5 - Click Save Changes. That's all there is to it. Facebook should now show the most recent comments left on your page's posts first instead of just the ones that Facebook deem to be most relevant

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Facebook group comments. Facebook no longer allows apps (like StreamYard) to access information about members of a group. How does this affect you? When you are streaming to a Facebook group, the Facebook comments on StreamYard will not show you who commented. They look like this: I know, what a bummer! Note that this only applies to Facebook. Any way you cut it, wasting time deleting spam on a Facebook page for business is NOT time well spent. Queen of Facebook, Mari Smith, had this to say in a recent post on Social Identities about the Message button: My #1 reason for not enabling Messages is the sheer volume of spam I had to deal with Being a Facebook Page owner is a key part of marketing your business on social media. But times can change, and so can circumstances. That's why Facebook gives you a range of options to add admins, remove them, or even delete yourself from the Page entirely. That way, you are in control of what happens as a Facebook Page owner Facebook Twitter LinkedIn PinterestYour Facebook Page is often the central hub for your entire social media marketing presence as a small business. It's a crucial method of discovery, with users both enthusiastically recommending businesses to their friends, engaging with your content (which their friends can see!), and people finding you through the search bar. Here, Read Mor Find out How to Create a Facebook Page for your Business here. TIP: Although you can like a Page as your Business by switching between your Profile and your Business Page name, you will not show in the likes box on the Page itself. Likes ONLY count from a Profile not a Business Page. To switch between being yourself and your business page follow these steps

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Facebook settings for pages. New social networks crop up all the time, generating buzz and excitement among businesses and tech media, but Facebook remains the giant, with over 1.59 billion monthly users.. To keep up with changing needs and trends, Facebook continues to evolve, introducing new features and functionality for users and advertisers The good news is you don't have to do anything extra to keep your personal profile and business page separate. Facebook treats them as separate entities by default. Just because you created a business page does not mean the two profiles will show up as linked on the social media platform Well, finally, along with other changes Facebook made recently, they made it easy to publicly show admins for a page. Using this feature means you will be showing a link to your page admin's personal profile, which I know won't appeal to everyone. Some people don't want to make their personal profile publicly available to people they don. Facebook can show this message due to a number of reasons, however, the most common reasons are listed below: The Content you are Looking for is Deleted- Whenever you try to access the link of a post or a comment that has been deleted, then you get the Content not Available message. Facebook is Temporarily Down- At times when Facebook.

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Since Facebook rolled out a ton of new changes for Pages last month, many of you have been asking me why the posts on your page (from yourself and from fans) aren't displaying in chronological order-like most recent posts first (which seems logical!).. When Facebook initially rolled out these changes for Facebook (February 10), you couldn't do anything about it-it no longer displayed. This shows Page suggestions of brands that compete with Sears. Page Suggestions on a Post. As well, Facebook has added another dimension.. Now, suggestions are not only when you are on a new Page, but if you are on a specific post (as shown below), you may also get Facebook's Suggestions as you get ready to comment

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  1. Photos in a post are treated differently. Example: I take a photo and put the photo in a post with some comments about the photo. I make the post for friends only. I then share the post with my neighbourhood Facebook group. Some people will see the comments and the photo; the rest only see the comments and a message about content unavailable
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  1. According to Facebook's own documentation , this is a known problem. The preview image isn't displayed until the Facebook crawler sees it, so the first person to share a page may not see a preview. Their official advice is to use the OpenGraph Debugger and page by individual page process each URL you want Facebook to pre-cache
  2. i am not able to see my msgs n notifications.. plus facebook is not showing me any ones comment. nor i m able to like any ons post, plz help me. keren January 22, 2016 on 12:49 am Reply. i have the same problem, did you fine a way to fix it? i tried to get facebook to help but no luck
  3. The new feature that changes everything is the Use Facebook as: section in the settings (Gear icon) menu at the top right of Facebook when you are logged in. Facebook updated their user interface so there is now a triangle icon drop-down in the top-right corner.You will see an organized menu of Your Pages and, if you setup a Facebook Business, your Facebook Businesses listed under.
  4. Here it shows that I had a total of 37 likes on this post. Now if there were only three likes on this page, it would just show those three people's names and not how many others (the total) liked my post. In order to invite non-friends to like your Facebook page, you need that link
  5. Unless you properly link the two accounts, Instagram won't share to Facebook. To do so, follow these steps: Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your phone and go to the profile section. Tap on the.
  6. g your YouTube video link is correct, simply add the following code &feature=related to the end of the link then paste it back on your Facebook timeline and see if it does the trick
  7. istrator, editor, moderator, advertiser or analyst, go to your Pages bookmarks. From there, click on the link to the page you want. Go to bookmarks to see all of the Facebook pages you manage
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Custom Facebook page roles. As the title suggests, a user with a Custom Facebook Page role can have a combination of permissions, which are set by the Admin of the Page. For example, you can set up a user to have access to earnings insights and moderate messages but not access to view full page performance or publish content If you have a page in the social media giant, you have probably already noticed it: users will see first the comment of someone they follow , and then a classified list with those comments in the publications that have achieved the greatest number of Like or whoever responded to the comments first. However, Facebook has made an update in. 1. Going to your brand's page. (You can also create stories from Facebook's Business Suite app, which allows you to schedule stories in advance.) 2. Scroll down to where you see Create Story in the top middle of the screen indicating a menu. 3 When comments go missing or don't appear when using Disqus, usually one of the following will happen: The Disqus widget doesn't appear on the website at all; The Disqus widget is missing on some posts; The widget is showing site-wide, but no comments are showing up; The widget is showing on all posts, but comments are missing on certain post

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