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Spare Parts for Oase Filter Pumps, Oase Pond Filter Spares, Oase Fountain Pump Spares Oase Filter Spares, Oase Ultra Violet Light Spares and many other Oase Spares from Water Gardening Direct Ltd. Oase Pump Filter Spare Parts; Shopping Basket. Edit Basket. Pay Now PondUSA.com is an Oase Authorized Web Retailer. Below are the Oase replacement parts we carry for your Oase Filtral 1200 In-Pond Filter (42749)

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Filter Foams, UV Clarifier spares and UV Bulbs for the Bitron & Vitronic in addition to Pondovac Vacuum Cleaner parts. We use genuine OASE components wherever possible to ensure maximum service life and performance. If you can't find the spare part you require, please give us a call and we'll do our best to source it for you.. OASIS® designs and manufactures filtration systems, including the Remedi Filter, Galaxi Filter and the Green Filter System. They are high-output and high performance. New water filter Galaxy is superior to traditional active carbon filter elements, filtering 2x as much as a typical water filter. Our Remedi water filter can remove water borne contaminates including bacteria, cysts, viruses and. A range of filter spares for various brands of filters. 18/05/2021. You may be new to pond keeping or your pond may be in its twentieth year, but all of a sudden you might start to notice Blanket Weed invading your pond Spare parts and accessories for Blagdon, Lotus, Oasis and Velda filters and blanketweed controllers Garden Electrical Installation Switch and Socket Boxes, Weatherproof Plug and Socket, Spares for Remote Control Socket Box and Waterproof Cable Connectors/Joiner OASE 032218 Filtral 1200 Filter Uv with Pump, 9W. 4.1 out of 5 stars 17. $254.00 $ 254. 00. FREE Shipping. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Amazon's Choice for oase filter. OASE Indoor Aquatics Pre-Filter Foam Set of 6 for The Biomaster 30 Ppi, Black. 4.7 out of 5 stars 28. $21.78 $ 21. 78

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Oasis replacement foam set for the Clear Pond 25. 3 Foams in set: Coarse Medium Fine. Quantity: Add to wish list. Add to comparison list. Clearpond 18 Filter Cartridge Set. £8.99. Oasis. Oasis replacement cartridge set for the Clear Pond 25. Cartridge: Colour blue Type coarse Pond Filter Spare Parts from All Pond Solutions. Looking for replacement O-rings, hosetails or ballasts? Look no further! Whether reparing broken equipment or simply refreshing parts, All Pond Solutions have a range of commonly replaced spare parts available for our entire range of pond filters OAVC Oasis Vortec Koi Pond Filters Performance Table. OAVT Oase Vitronic UVC Performance Table. OAXT Oasis Xtreme Koi Filter Information. OAXT Oasis Xtreme Max Performance Table. OSSP Velda Silenta Outdoor Oxygenator Air Pump Information. Our Service. PESP Bradshaws Sinking Pellet Fish Food Information

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  1. Filtral UVC 1200. The Filtral is a compact, all-in-one in-pond filter unit with a UV Clarifier and built-in filtration with 4 different types of filter media that provide mechanical and biological cleaning for ponds up to 1200 gallons. The Filtral 1200 is powered by a 250 GPH pump and includes a 9W EPA-registered..
  2. Oase Fiberplate DIN 7603 6 x 12 x 1 mm (Part No 20609) Oase Genuine Spare PartDescription: Fiberplate DIN 7603 6 x 12 x 1 mm Part number: 20609. MSRP: Was: Now: £0.13. Add to Wish List. Quick view. Oase
  3. When i bought my house two years ago the koi pond only had a uv filter. The pond is 20' x 10' x 3' deep with about 20 koi fish, some are pretty big. I set it up to where the pond pump (3000gph) pushes water thru the uv filter via 1-7/8 flex line and from there it pumps to the biosmart 5000 filter via 1-7/8 flex line
  4. Oase Filtoclear pressure pond filter models are 3000, 6000, 11000, 12000, 15000, 16000, 20000, 30000. We have spare parts, uv bulbs, foams, electric
  5. Vitronic. Universal UV Clarifier. Vitronic 9W is suited for cleaning the green out of ponds up to 2,500 gallons. Vitronic 18-36W are designed to operate with all filter systems, although best suited for the BioSmart 5000-10000 filters. Easily integrated into an existing or new pond system, Vitronic UV Clarifiers clean the green out of water
  6. Replacement OASE Quartz Glass Sleeves to fit OASE UV clarifiers Bitron & Vitronic and OASE UV filters including Filtral UVC, FiltoClear, BioPress, BioSmart and FiltoMatic CWS. Genuine high quality OASE spare parts, all Quartz Glass Sleeves are supplied with rubber O-Ring. Click through any of the OASE Quartz Sleeves to view product suitability
  7. Oasis RO has a magnificent range of Membrane elements, Booster Pump, Water filter set, Pre Filer Set and many more. Phone: +91-989-804-7820 Toll Free: 1800-120-121

MHR Writer UK offers you to buy online assignments in reasonable price. Flow-through filters are used for medium-sized to large ponds or koi ponds. They stand above the water surface at the edge of the pond, or above a watercourse, so that the water flows back into the pond under gravity. View products OASE Filter Foam Replacement Kit for FiltoClear 1600 (1st Gen) $39.99. Quick. shop. OASE Gasket Replacement Kit for FiltoClear 3000 / 4000 / 8000. $34.99. Quick. shop. OASE Discharge Extension Hose with Coupling for PondoVac 3 / 4

UV Sterilizers Water/Salt Water Refill Station Water Delivery Replacement Parts Filter by. Sort by O-Ring Gasket/RO Systems. Regular price $2.49 View. R/O Housing Mounting Brackets. From $29.99. Best prices, deals, service and support for all of your outdoor living needs including pond and water garden supplies. We sell EPDM pond liner, pumps, filters, fountains, fish and koi food, water and plant care and treatments and LED lighting across Canada Pond Filtration Parts. Pondh20 understands the uniqueness of each water garden and providing quality Pond Filtration Parts. After all it is your private relaxation oasis. At some point in your water gardening, you will have a need for pond filtration parts. Whether those needs are at the beginning, middle, or the finished product, Pondh20.

Add to Bucket. OASE Filtoclear Replacement Electrics/Transformer Pond Filters - with a free 9 watt globe! $325.00. Add to Wish List. Add to Bucket. -7%. NEW. OASE Filtoclear 3000 Replacement Sponge Set - Genuine spare part. was $97.20 Special Price $89.95 Find all your replacement filter and accessory needs right here! Replacement filters and accessories for your bottleless water cooler include cup holders, leak detectors, UV bulbs, RO membranes and cooler stands. In addition to ensuring clean, purified water, replacing filters on a regular basis will also keep your warranty in good standing All Replacement Parts & Filter Pads Nothing lasts forever. Filter pads and individual components on your pump and filtration system will eventually need to be replaced. You'll find everything you need here. From filter mats, leaf nets for the skimmer, replacement impellers, and more

7207910 Beckett UV Filter With 9 Watt Bulb, In-Line, Not Submersible (No Pump), Up To 650 Gal Shop No Most filters are combined with UV clarifiers, but for those who are using larger, multi bay filters for larger ponds, we have separate UV units to run in conjunction with this type of pond filter. We stock various spares for both pond filters and UV clarifiers

The Oasis VURSA family is the only bathware collection that provides true versatility. Our ample storage and creature comforts, coupled with extensive adaptability within a single design, go well beyond any competitor. Check out VURSA and VURSAkd for yourself. Let's Get Technical Pool Parts & Accessories. Hayward offers a wide variety of replacement parts and white goods that provide years of long lasting performance. Genuine Hayward Replacement Parts are available for sale exclusively through our dealer network. To find the location of a Hayward dealer in your area, please consult the Dealer Locator. Product Listing Oase underwater filters come with an attached fountain and work as a supplemental filter element. The fountain is a nice bonus for creating beautiful water features in a small area. For medium-sized ponds, Oase makes excellent pressure filters. Pressure filters are optimally suited for a direct infeed of higher positioned watercourses or fountains Aquascape UltraKlean Filter Parts GC Tek Pond Filters UniClear Water Polishing Filters GC Tek AlphaONE Pond Filters AquaBead Filters OASE BioSmart 1600 UV Pond Filter. $212.44 $109.99. OASE BioSmart 5000 Pond Filter. $217.99. OASE BioSmart 10000 Pond Filter. $382.99. OASE Biotec Screenmatic2 18000 Pond Filter Spa Parts - Balboa Direct. At Balboa Water Group, we have been committed to the water leisure industry for over 30 years. This outlook and commitment is based on providing a comprehensive, one stop shop for all spa parts.Over the years we have designed and developed cutting edge spa equipment to the highest quality standards in the industry, spa components that are produced in our own modern.

Water Garden supply GENUINE OASE spare UV bulbs in 7, 9, 11, 18, 24, 36, 55 and 60 watt. Please be aware of cheap imitations as these will not perform efficiently and may not fit inside the Quartz glass sleeve. Our 15 and 25 watt bulbs are of the Phillips brand as Oase no longer supply spare parts for Bitron models 15 and 25 Oasis BTSA1SHS - 504559C - Stainless Steel Hot and Cold Bottled Water Cooler. AS LOW AS. $339.99. Oasis POU1RRK - 500047 - Round Room Temperature and Cold Point-of-Use Water Cooler (Bottleless Water Cooler) AS LOW AS. $364.99. Oasis POU1RRHS - 501415 - Round Hot and Cold Point-of-Use Water Cooler (Bottleless Water Cooler) AS LOW AS Blagdon Inpond 5 In 1 2000 Maintenance Kit, Replacement Filter Foam And Polymer Wool Filter Pad To Fit The Inpond 5 In 1 2000 Filter 4.6 out of 5 stars 98 £13.79 £ 13 . 7 Product Description. Genuine replacement part from Lotus. Replacement quartz sleeve which will fit a variety of filters. This quartz sleeve is suitable for all Lotus/Oasis units which take a 15w or 25w UV lamp OASIS International goal is to provide clean, refreshing drinking water to the planet that is free from harmful bacteria, viruses, sediments, metals and chemicals. For more than 100 years, OASIS International has innovated, engineered, manufactured and distributed some of the world's best clean drinking water solutions. We deliver water-friendly solutions to more than 80 countries across the.

LOTUS OASIS GREEN GENIE 30000 UV FILTER 25W WATER. Home Ask a Question Save Seller View Feedback you will need to add filter brushes/sponge to the 1st and 2nd bays. this oasis pond filter box and aquamax pump have been sitting in the garage for sometime. LOTUS OASIS GREEN GENIE 30000 for just 249.99 Buy these fantastic Oase pond filters at the very best prices here at Swell UK to take advantage of their brilliant clear water systems. Benefitting from top class German aquatics engineering, Oase pond filters are well regarded as the best around, with superb filtration solutions in a variety of sizes and forms to suit any garden pond setup FishMate Gravity Bio Filters. Biological Filters. Biological Filters with UVC. UVC Service Kits. Replacement Foam and Media. Fishmate Replacement Bio Filter Parts. Pondliner - Fish Safe. Fish Safe - 45 mil EPDM Pond Liners 5ft Wide Fish Safe - 45mil Pondliners 10ft Wide Fish Safe - 45mil Pondliners 15ft Wide Fish Safe - 45mil Pondliners 20ft.

Replacement Pond UV Steriliser Ballasts. Browse our selection of spare ballasts for pond UV steriliser units. With plenty of types and sizes available, you will be able to find spare UV steriliser ballasts no matter which model you have for your pond Jul 22, 2021 Friendly Do It Yourself DIY Artesian Spa Parts Experts Over 28 Years. Served nearly 200,000 customers. All Parts for Artesian Spas™ Filters, Jets, Pillows, Pumps, Circuit Boards, Control Panel, Heaters The BioSmart UVC 1600 with included UV Filtration is for ponds up to 1,600 gallons; the BioSmart 5000/10000 for up to 10,000 gallons. For maximum effect it can be combined with the Vitronic 18 - 36 Watt UV Clarifiers. When used in conjunction with the BioSmart filter, the AquaMax Eco Classic 1200-2700 or AquaMax Eco Premium 2000-3000 and the.

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Oase pumps, filters and spares Every pond or water feature comes with individual pros and cons, as well as demands! Our range of Oase pumps, filters and pond equipment will give you confidence that your water feature will run to its best potential Listed are all the current Oasis Filters are that currently available for sale. Please double check the color and model numbers for your needs. Most orders ship in 24-48 Hours UPS Ground. Free Ground Shipping is available for all Oasis Filter orders ALL-IN-ONE FILTER. Combines UV-C clarifier, filter, and pump & fountain system suitable for small ponds and water features. LEARN MORE. WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY My name is Randle Ross, co-owner of Atlanta Water Gardens in Atlanta, GA. I had a customer with a pond that we just could not clear up and she wanted to see her fish. I installed one of. The Oasis MW8EBQY bottle filler is a recessed unit which combines style and technology, plus QUASAR hygiene protection. This unit has a high cooling capacity and is ideal for refilling bottles and cups. Fitted with QUASAR UV technology, the water is treated by a UVC-LED light at the point of dispense to nullify any harmful pathogens

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  1. OASE BioPress Pressurized Filters. OASE Satellite Pre-Filter. OASE Filtral Filters. OASE BIOSmart Gravity Filters. OASE BIOTEC SCREENMATIC 2 Gravity Filters. OASE PumpShield. OASE ProfiClear Premium Filters. Pondliner - Fish Safe. Fish Safe - 45 mil EPDM Pond Liners 5ft Wide Fish Safe - 45mil Pondliners 10ft Wide Fish Safe - 45mil Pondliners.
  2. Oasis P8EBQY Hands-Free Filler + VersaCooler with QUASAR UV Out. The Oasis P8EBQY combines the bottle filler and refrigerated drinking water fountain, plus QUASAR hygiene protection. This unit has a high cooling capacity and is ideal for refilling bottles and cups, while the drinking fountain is great for on-the-go hydration. It is the perfect.
  3. The Aqua Bar II Deluxe and Ultra models can have a variety of filter options installed, including the Oasis Green Filter System, Reverse Osmosis (RO), and In-Tank Ultraviolet (UV) filtration systems. These filter options allow you to have the best tasting and freshest water to drink
  4. Oasis 038151-002 - Galaxi and Sediment Filter Assembly +$113.26: Oasis 036602-104 - Galaxi/Reverse Osmosis/Post Filter Filter Assembly +$213.74: Oasis 036330-003 - UV Conversion Kit - UV Bulb Assembly and Ballast +$74.32: Oasis 036349-001 - Leak Detector for Aqua Bar II Series +$94.11: Oasis 036454-001 - 6.5 Pedestal for Aqua Bar II Series +$47.2
  5. After viewing many uv filter boxes, I'm glad I chose this on. The separate filter compartments and tap to empty bottom or top are much more easy to access if you have slight mobility issues like me. This filter box cleared a 2500 gallon pond within 48 hrs to crystal clear water and hardly any residue in filter box. Excellent product

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  1. Replacement UV Bulbs for Oase Pond Filters and Filter Sets . Pond filters work best when their UV system is working to the best of its ability. Replacing the bulb every 6 to 12 months is recommended. Simply choose your Oase filter from the drop down and your correct bulb is automatically chosen for you
  2. We are pleased to be able to offer a full range of pond products from Fish Mate. Pond pumps that are reliable and filters gravity and pressurised that work night and day to clear your water with pond automated feeders and a range of spare parts
  3. Get quality water garden and pond supplies at great prices from Pondliner.com. Check out our pond kits, fish pond liners, pond pumps and other products
  4. ProEco Products Internal UV O-Ring Kit for CPF-1600, CPF-2000 & CPF-4000 and EZ-PRESS 2000, 3000 & 4000 Pressure Filters. CA$18.99. Add to Cart. Wish List Compare. ProEco Products Perforated Tube for CPF-4000 & EZ-PRESS 4000 Pressure Filters. ProEco Products Perforated Tube for CPF-4000 & EZ-PRESS 4000 Pressure Filters
  5. Atlantic Oasis Skimmer can be used by itself or with the Atlantic Oasis Series 16 FilterFalls Waterfall Filter Box. Install Atlantic Oasis Skimmer to a new or existing ponds that are 200 square feet or less. Skimmers are ideal for added filtration in areas that collect debris or have a high fish load
  6. The Bermuda Pond Filter Kit makes pond filtration easy, including the right filter and UV clarifier to clear water in small to medium garden ponds. The filter box can be part buried for discrete placement and sponges cleaned at the pull of a handle. Pump, Filter, UV & Tubing included. Solids handling pump. Powerful UV Clarifier
  7. Hozelock Bioforce 9000 pond filter (spares) Whinmoor, West Yorkshire Oasis clear pond 50 filter + UV for ponds 18000 4000 litres very good name in pond equipment expensive and good quality Moving house so selling Pick up from Seaton sluice £70. Ad posted 1 day ago Save this a

Water Delivery Service We offer a local water delivery service to the porch of businesses and households located anywhere in Cambridge, ON. Prices below are for individual bottles and depends on the order quantity: $7.50/ RO 18.9 Liter Bottle $9.75/Spring or Distilled 18.9 Liter Bottl HVAC Parts Online : Water Filters - All Products 1 Inch Air Filters 2 Inch Air Filters 4-5 Inch Air Filters Metal Frame Air Filters and Pads Replacement Pads for Frames Electronic Air Cleaner Repl Pads Honeywell Grille Filters - FC40R Carrier-Bryant Filters Indoor Air Quality Air Conditioner Accessories Thermostats and Controls Zoning and Dampers Ventilation and Fans Air Conditioner Service. PSMFB Pro-Series Mini Skimmer with Filter Brushes. PS1FB Pro-Series Small Skimmer with Filter Brushes. Little Giant PRS-7000K Pond Skimmer. DISCONTINUED BY THE MANUFACUTRER. SWIMSKIM POND SKIMMER. AquaSkim In-Pond Surface Skimmer. Pondmaster Pro 5000 Skimmer. Tetra Pond In-Pond Skimmer. Atlantic Water Garden PS8000-PS8500 Skimmers Pentek BBFS-22 Basic Filtration System This Pentek 160166 BBFS-22 1 #20 Big Blue two-housing filter system is suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. It consists of two polypropylene housings mounted in series on a white... MSRP: $239.54. Now: $207.99

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Welcome to our Air Oasis coupons page, explore the latest verified airoasis.com discounts and promos for July 2021. Today, there is a total of 5 Air Oasis coupons and discount deals. You can quickly filter today's Air Oasis promo codes in order to find exclusive or verified offers 25236 - UV Transformer/Ballast fits Filtoclear 800-4000 ($193.78) 56110 - Filter Foam Kit fits Filtoclear 1600 ($74.18) 56111 - Filter Foam Kit fits Filtoclear 3000 ($129.66) 56884 - Filter Foam Kit fits Filtoclear 4000 ($139.44) 40964 - Replacement bulb UVC 9 W (FiltoClear 1600) ($142.89 Oasis Spas - 200 sq ft Complete Filter Housing. Front Load 200 sq ft Front loading complete filter housing (Black) With tray to Suit Oasis Spas. Suits 2x lower screw in filters & 2 x Upper filters. $350.00 $240.00 inc GST. Add to cart NSF is widely recognized for its scientific and technical expertise in the health and environmental sciences. Its professional staff includes engineers, chemists, toxicologists, and environmental health professionals with broad experience both in public and private organizations

Sale price. $11.00 Sale. Air-O-Swiss AOS-2561 Replacement HEPA particle filter (2-pack) for AOS-2071. Air-O-Swiss AOS-2561 Replacement HEPA particle filter (2-pack) for AOS-2071. Regular price. $85.00. Sale price. $85.00 Sale. Air-O-Swiss AOS-2562 Replacement activated carbon filter for AOS-2071 ATI Replacement Parts. Cascade Parts. Eheim Parts. Fluval Parts. Hydor Parts. Oasis Reptile Feeders. Zilla Feeding Tools. Zoo Med Reptile Feeding Tools Filter by Sort by. 1 2 3 → Aquaclear 110 Shaft. Sold Out Aquaclear 20, 30, 50, 70 Shaft. Regular price $4.39 Aquaclear 70 Impeller. Regular price $14.29. 2500 1 Affinity UV Clarifier 1 Bermuda Filter Foam Set 1 Bioforce Service Kit 4 Blagdon Filter Spares 19 Bucket 1 Canister 1 Case 1 Filter 1 Hozelock Filter Spares 9 Laguna 1 Laguna 32mm Click-Fit Connector PT634 1 Laguna 32mm Input O-Ring PT743 1 Laguna Pressure Flo 2500 Service Kit PT1496 1 Laguna Pressure Flo 2500-5000 Lid Clamp PT1489 1. Multi chamber vortec koi system from oasis, featuring baxckflush and staged filtratration. Our most popular koi filter system.12000 to 30000 litre systems Norbreck Aquatics online or tel 0125335334 Pressurized Filters. Pond Filter. Pressurized UV Pond Filter - 2000 Gallons. Pressurized UV Pond Filter - 1300 Gallons

Replacement Parts at the lowest prices online and up to 60% off everyday at That Fish Place - That Pet Place. Free Shipping over $75 everday with code 'FREE75'. Call 1-888-THAT-PET to order today Yamitsu Ultra Violet Quartz Sleeves. Yamitsu - Algae Master UV Quartz Sleeve is the outer glass sleeve that seperates the water flowing through a UV unit and the electrical lamp inside the UV unit.It is very important to maintain the quartz sleeve on a yearly basis, maintenance should include removing the quartz sleeve from the UV unit. £11.95 Oasis units are made to be environmentally friendly as well as to provide an excellent customer experience. Oasis 026824-019 Nut. Oasis 036246-101 Filter. Oasis 033660-001 Presediment Filter. Oasis 036248-102 Lamp Uv. Oasis 019131 Wastgasket. Oasis Water Dispenser and Ice Chest Parts and Accessories

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The OASE brand has always been passionate about water with a reputation for innovation and quality. Purchase your new water gardening, indoor aquatics, or biOrb product today HVAC Parts Online Air Oasis NANO 9 Inch [NIND9] - NANO NIND9 NANO NIND9 OVERVIEW The Nano HCT 9 Induct is an air purifier designed to be duct mounted in a HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. The nano HCT Induct is capable of cleaning the air in every area supplied by the HVAC system, making this unit more efficient tha Buy UV Water Filter for Home use. These Ultra Violet filter systems can effectively destroy 99.9% of water-borne viruses and bacteria, select from a large range. Sales Helpline: 0116 2763334 - Fast Delivery - Open As Usual - Call To Claim Your Discoun Pressure Filters are our most popular selling option for pond filters. A filter pump in the pond (sold separately) pumps water out to the pressure filter and a hose then takes the water from the filter up to a waterfall or back into the pond. Most models include a UV lamp which kills suspended algae that turns your water green Oase FiltoClear 30000 Pressure Filter SET. €1,270.00 €1,032.52 (ex. VAT) €1,749.99. Creates clear healthy water for ponds up to 30,000 litres without fish or 15,000 litres with fish (7,500 litres with Koi). Includes integrated 55 watt UV and matching Oase Aquamax Eco Premium 16000 filter pump. Add to cart

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Welcome to Master Spa Parts, the leading retailer for Master Spas parts, filters, covers and chemicals! We offer the complete line of hot tub replacement parts for your Master Spas, in stock and ready to be shipped. All orders over $99 ship FREE to the continental U.S., with same day shipping on most products! Order your Master Spas hot tub. Replacement Parts. Aboveground Filter System Parts. Automatic Pool Cleaners Parts. Automation (Control Systems) Parts. Filter Parts. Heaters and Heat Pump Parts. Lighting Parts. Maintenance and Safety Equipment Parts. Pump Parts

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KENT Original Spare Pack - Sediment Filters , Carbon Filter , RO Membrane , Post Carbon Filter , UF Hollow Fibre Membrane and Frt 550 ml 3.8 out of 5 stars 89 ₹4,710.00 ₹ 4,710 . 0 Virtually no bypass. New design forces water to pass through the filter media trays and not around them. Three stage filtration. Marineland Emperor Pro 450 Power Filter. Regular price. $64.99. Customer Reviews. No reviews yet. Write a review

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OASE Filtoclear 12000 UVC Pond Filter Comes with 1 FREE 18 watt UV globe. $1.37. Add to Wish List. Add to Bucket. -7%. OASE Filtral 6000 pond filter with free 11 watt globe. was $648.00 Special Price $599.95. Add to Wish List. Add to Bucket Sundance spas parts in stock. We have helped nearly 200,000 customers for over 28 years. Friendly Sundance Spas Parts Experts will help you find your parts and help you get the job done. Sundance ® Spa parts with Exact Fit Guarantee and Easy Return policy. Knowledgeable tech support Atlantic UV 28-0037 Maintenance Kit for Sanitron S37C, S37B, and S37A The Atlantic UV Maintenance Kit for Sanitron S37C, S37B, and S37A is a convenient method to purchase annual replacement parts for your UV System. The Atlantic UV.. Lotus Green Genie 24000 + 25w UV. Be the first to review this product. Availability: In stock. £229.99. |. Add to Compare. Add to Wishlist. Email to a Friend. Qty A portable, UV ionic surface sanitize that can improve indoor air quality and respiratory system. Air Oasis 1000G3 is the pioneer to incorporate NASA developed PCO technology into a compact home air purifier. A virtually maintenance-free, filter-free technology that can clean the air from allergy-causing pathogen and bio-contaminants

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Ultraviolet (UV) water sanitizing and water disinfection is a unique and rapid technique to rid water of bacteria (such as coliform, E coli, Giardia, Staphylococcus and many more), viruses, parasites, microorganisms, mold and algae without the use of heat or any chemicals.. Ultraviolet water disinfection works safely, easily, immediately and inexpensively on WELL WATER, city water and many. Algreen's CrystalFlo Pump with Pond Filter and UV Clarifier is an all-in-one unit that maintains cleanliness in your water garden. The CrystalFlo has both Mechanical and Biological filters as well as a UV light to Kill Floating Algae. This unit is fully submersible and features a ball joint to level the fountain heads Lotus Clear Pond filters give Clarity & Purity in an advanced multi stage filter with high powered U.V.C and quick action back flush (De-Sludge) system.The Clear Pond 18 is capable of filtering a pond of up to 15000 litres in size subject to fish stock & pond location. All Lotus Clear Pon 3-Year Warranty (excludes filters, membrane is pro-rated) Utilizes ALL NSF & FDA Approved Components. 4.5 Gallon NSF Certified metal tank with NSF liner (BPA Free) NOTE: Tank can lay on its side. Utilizes Quick-Connect (Push-in) Fittings. Includes Automatic Shut-Off Valve (ASO) to shut down system when tank is full Heater & Spa Parts - Contact Information. 10 Industry Blvd, Carrum Downs, Vic 3201. Phone: 1300 418 299. SMS: 0491 637 297 (SMS/MMS Only) If Phone is Busy, we are on other lines or serving customers in the shop. Please e-Mail Us at sales@heaterandspaparts.com.au. Phone & In-Store Shopping Times: Monday - Thursday: 9:00am - 4:00pm. Friday: 9.

Oase AquaMax Eco Twin 20000 Pond Pump - Oase from PondPondXpert TripleAction 9000 Evolve Ballast (13w): PondSpare Parts For Hayward Multiport Valves | Oasis Pool ProductsBuy BnB Spares Rubber Strap for Swift ap-3857 Online in IndiaOase Pond Filters - Replacement Parts - PondUSAOase Pondovac 3 Pond Vacuum

Online and direct from our warehouse, Australian Spa Parts retails & supports the largest range of spa and hot tub parts in the Southern Hemisphere with over 75,000 individual parts from over 5,000 product lines physically stocked at our Brisbane warehouse. We offer: replacement product and spare parts to manufacture or repair spas and hot tubs Plumbing Parts. Get all your hot tub plumbing parts including manifolds, unions, couplings and even the clear tee fitting flow switch 24-0027-71 (8560-860) right here at Hot Tub Outpost. Artesian uses flexible clear tubing with clamps as the main plumbing system in many of the spas instead of flex PVC pipe UV Max (Trojan UVMAX) Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems. UV Max (Trojan UVMAX) PRO Series Systems (NSF Certified) 650647. UV Max PRO 10, 10 GPM UV System w/ UV Intensity Monitor & 2 Year Lamp Life. Learn More... Qty: Price: $2,615.00. 650653. UV Max PRO 20, 20 GPM UV System w/ UV Intensity Monitor & 2 Year Lamp Life Oasis PF2CP10EBQ Refrigerated Touch Free QUASAR UVC-LED Bottle Filler with VersaFilter and Remedi Filter, Contactless, Free Standing Our Price: $1,814.21 List Price: $2,465.5