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Playwright test runner. This project was moved over to the main Playwright repo. See on playwright.dev for the documentation and examples. About. Build a cross-browser end-to-end test suite with Playwright. playwright.dev. Topics. e2e-tests test-runners playwright Resources. Readme License. View licens Playwright-Test-Runner What is Playwright? The playwright is a Node.js library to automate Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit with a single API. Playwright is built to enable cross-browser web testing. Playwright by Microsoft did start as a fork of Puppeteer Puppeteer is a node library to automate the chromium browsers with the JavaScript API.

Description Run mocha, zora, uvu, tape and benchmark.js scripts inside real browsers with `playwright` . Usage $ playwright-test [files] [options] Options -r, --runner Test runner. Options: mocha, tape, zora, uvu and benchmark. (default mocha) -b, --browser Browser to run tests. Options: chromium, firefox, webkit. (default chromium) -m, --mode. Playwright logo. As you may have heard, Playwright team has just introduced Playwright Test runner in v1.12. version. It's brand new test runner built from scratch by Playwright team specifically to accomplish major end-to-end testing needs such as Browser Launchers: Playwright. Run tests using Playwright, using a bundled versions of Chromium, Firefox, and/or Webkit.. Usage. When using @web/test-runner regularly, you can use Playwright with the --playwright and --browsers flags: # add the package npm i --save-dev @web/test-runner-playwright # add the flag wtr test/**/*.test.js --node-resolve --playwright --browsers chromium firefox webki Playwright. enables reliable end-to-end testing for modern web apps. Get started. Star microsoft/playwright on GitHub. Star 23,824 In this EAWeekend video series, we are going to discuss Playwright Test Runner, a Highly extendable Jest like Test Runner. Playwright Test runner still in pr..

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  1. Make sure Playwright helper is enabled in codecept.conf.js config: Turn off the show option if you want to run test in headless mode. If you don't specify the browser here, chromium will be used. Possible browsers are: chromium, firefox and webkit. Playwright uses different strategies to detect if a page is loaded
  2. al. Entering Text. Now that I'm up and running, I'd like to do something a little more interesting, such as search for a book. To do so, I need to enter text into the Filter Books field (which has an id of 'searchBar')
  3. or breaking changes could happen. There's quite a lot of movement on the API and this can cause some maintenance overhead. - badsyntax Apr 20 at 15:0
  4. Because Playwright does not ship with an assertion library or a test runner, you may use any libraries you're familiar with be it assert, chai, or expect. As for running the tests, Jest is recommended because it takes a lot of setup code out of your hands so you can focus on writing the actual test cases
  5. expect-axe-playwright. Expect matchers to perform Axe accessibility tests in your Playwright tests. playwright axe axe-core playwright-test-runner jest-playwright. 1.1.0 • Published 16 days ago
  6. Playwright is a newish end-to-end cross-browser testing tool from Microsoft. I usually use Cypress for these kinds of tests on SPAs, but Playwright is quickly gaining traction, so I thought it was time to give it a try.. We'll cover how to get up and running with Playwright using Jest as the test runner and how to set up the project so that we can use TypeScript to write the tests
  7. How to generate Allure HTML report using playwright/test runner? We are planning to use Nodejs, Typescript and Playwright recommended test runner (playwright/test) but wasn't able to find any documentation regarding how to generate Allure HTML report using the mentioned technology stack

Having a test runner like Jest configured has a lot of benefits instead of writing your tests from scratch. It gives you out of the box the ability to focus a single test, providing a formatted output or a whole suite for common assertions called expect in Jest. The framework is maintained by Facebook and is mostly the default choice for. For writing actual end-to-end tests its common to use a test runner. In the Python world, Pytest is very common and we're using in our example the official Playwright integration for it. Instead of using it manually, it provides features like: Have a separate new page and context for each test with Pytest fixture In this article, I will explain how to set up and to run tests with Playwright, in a TypeScript project, using Jest — as the test runner — and Jest-Image-Snapshot (Jest matcher) — to take.

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Codeless testing that works. Forum . Welcome to the community! Register below to add topics and replies Q: How do you run a set of test cases on different files? A: That would be defined by the test runner you use: jest-playwright, cucumber, etc. We are working on a test runner for Playwright ourselves, which we will talk about a little later. Q: Does an element need to be in the viewport to be active? A: We will scroll to the element. And make. The Playwright test runner provides zero-config cross-browser end-to-end testing for web apps, Jest-like assertions, and built-in support for TypeScript. The new test runner leverages Folio, a. Playwright on Docker. Playwright is a cross-browser automation library for end-to-end testing of web applications. Playwright can automate user interactions in Chromium, Firefox and WebKit browsers with a single API. The Playwright Docker image can be used to run tests on CI and other environments that support Docker Playwright Sharp in Action. To get acquainted with Playwright Sharp methods and features, we will create a small end-to-end test. End-to-end testing is a technique that tests a complete workflow, from beginning to end, to ensure the flow behaves as expected. The idea is to test real scenarios to verify that everything is working as expected

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The Playwright team is additionally working on an integrated test runner that allows to write tests as follows: // tests/foo.spec.ts const {it, expect } = require ('@playwright/test'); it. 2. Install Playwright. 3. Choosing Typescript as the scripting language. Typescript config in tsconfig.json . ** As per config, we should add all tests & other classes inside of the src/ folder. 4. Add Jest as the test runner. As we using typescript in the project Playwright test fails when using waitForResponse. 0. Does Playwright offer custom args in the command line? 2. Go to page URL using test.BeforeAll for playwright-test runner. 0. How to generate Allure HTML report using playwright/test runner? Hot Network Question Jest Runner. Execute test cases To execute all test cases, The default Jest configuration is specified in jest.config.js. > playwright-demo@1.. test C:\Users\haimnguyen\data\playwright-demo > jest PASS browser: chromium tests/todomvc.test.js (6.298 s) TodoMVC √ should let users manage to-do list (5091 ms) Test Suites: 1 passed, 1 total.

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Playwright is a pretty great tool — for many purposes, including of course its original objective of UI Test Automation. Playwright has seen rapid innovation and adoption over the past year. Last week, release 1,.7 was published, the latest of close to 30 releases in 2020 Testim is an AI-based test automation solution for creating extremely stable tests, fast. Testim improves upon the Playwright recording by using AI-based Smart Locators to identify each element and improve stability—even when code changes

Microsoft Playwright JS is a new, open-source, JavaScript-based, cross-browser automation library for end-to-end testing. The goal of Playwright Node.js is to provide a single API to developers and testers to automate their web applications across today's three major browser engines: Chromium. Firefox 25 votes, 11 comments. 1.5m members in the javascript community. All about the programming language Results are returned to a test script runner in Node.js for analysis, giving you the tools needed to pass or fail tests. Playwright works with the F12 browser devtools so it can do a lot more than. Select Logout below if you are ready to end your current session

Navigating to the playwright.dev URL. Next looking for the search textbox and typing text dotnet. And from the result choose the C# is available in preview. dotnet add package and click on that result. And finally taking a screenshot and saving it. Now you can run the test using dotnet run command, after one or two seconds you will be able to. Introduction and getting started with Playwright (JS) Understanding basic Building Blocks of Playwright (JS) Basic UI Operations with Playwright (JS) Playwright Test Runner and Folio (TS) Modern Playwright feature for Modern app testing (JS) Hands on Lab 1 - Advanced Network Interception; Hands on Lab 2 - Working with Cookie There is a lot of hype about Playwright during last months in conferences and blogs. Everybody is showing powerful features and how easy is to start automating things. However sooner or later every experienced test automation engineer is asking an important question — is it possible to run Playwright tests remotely and in parallel Thou Shalt Test Your App Writing a Playwright test. For the next part, we'll cover adding Playwright and jest to the project, and we'll run some tests against the running application. We'll use jest-playwright which should come with a lot of boilerplate type code to configure Jest and also run the server while testing

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The Playwright evaluation is a result of a need for to check if WebdriverIO is still a good test automation framework compared to some of the best non-Selenium modern test automation frameworks. MediaWiki is implemented in a large number of repositories. So, in order to ensure good code practices across all these repositories, an extensive. Introducing Playwright's New Test Runner. Playwright Test is a new test runner built specifically to accommodate end-to-end testing needs. Join Principal Engineer, Andrey Lushinkov on July 29th to learn how to author new tests, migrate existing tests, and deploy them on CI. Save your seat now. applitools.inf This is useful to run integration tests to validate the server produces the expected response for a request. However, this doesn't allow to test JavaScript code nor to validate how the page displays. If you want to test these components, you need to run an actual browser and load your site To install Playwright, the plugin, and the browsers to test on, run: pip install playwright pytest-playwright python -m playwright install This plugin configures pytest fixtures that provide building blocks you need for end-to-end browser testing. For example, the page fixture provides a new web page to run a test

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Playwright CLI . Playwright Test Runner. Folio - Custom Test runner framework. CodeceptJS. Understanding the framework . How to make use of CodeceptJS helpers. CodeceptJS helper for Puppeteer. CodeceptJS syntax. Reporting. The course covers topics that are not covered elsewhere on the internet and that makes the course more distinguished by itself Pytest plugin for Playwright. Write end-to-end tests for your web apps with Playwright and pytest. Support for all modern browsers including Chromium, WebKit and Firefox. Support for headless and headed execution. Built-in fixtures that provide browser primitives to test functions Playwright utilizes the same architecture as Puppeteer and is a thin WebSocket client. It uses a very similar syntax and language but there are a few differences—namely that Playwright supports more browsers (Safari) and that Playwright feels like a test automation tool rather than just an automation tool It is a Node library to automate the Chromium, WebKit and Firefox browsers with a single API. It enables cross-browser web automation that is ever-green, capable, reliable and fast. Playwright is a tool in the Browser Testing category of a tech stack. Playwright is an open source tool with 25.5K GitHub stars and 1.1K GitHub forks

Playwright v.1.12 released. This update adds Playwright Test Runner for end-to-end testing. Latest from the community. October 6-7: PWA Summit. Submit a talk to this free, online, single-track conference focused on helping everyone succeed with Progressive Web Apps Run end-to-end tests using your open source automation tool of choice, such as Cypress or Playwright, and unify test signals in Sauce Labs. Unified view of quality signals. Analyze test results for your entire organization in Sauce Labs. Spot trends to debug faster and improve product performance To start, you will only need Playwright and Jest for your project dependencies: 1 2. npm init npm i playwright jest -S -E. Once you have created a new project and installed these two dependencies, all you need is the configuration to run the tests. As I said, Jest requires minimal configuration, so you only have to update the test command in. Playwright has an upper hand in complex web applications, but has limited coverage. On the contrary, Selenium offers wide coverage, scalability, and flexibility, along with strong community support. Thus, it depends on the project requirements and the priorities to choose one among these two testing frameworks Playwright is a Node.js library to automate Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit with a single API. Playwright is built to enable cross-browser web automation that is ever-green, capable, reliable, and fast. Since Microsoft Edge is built on the open-source Chromium web platform, Playwright is also able to automate Microsoft Edge

Run a test suite edit. If you have a suite of tests you'd like to implement, you can use Elastic synthetics as a library. In this method, you use Docker to run both Heartbeat and elastic-synthetics. Install the @elastic/synthetics package globally to get started: npm install -g @elastic/synthetics A test runner is a class defining a run_tests () method. Django ships with a DiscoverRunner class that defines the default Django testing behavior. This class defines the run_tests () entry point, plus a selection of other methods that are used by run_tests () to set up, execute and tear down the test suite Playwright is a Node.js library for browser automation. Puppeteer is also a Node.js library for browser automation. Let's take a look at what makes each of them interesting and consider the factors that should go into deciding which one to use Playwright is a Node.js library to automate Chromium, Firefox and WebKit with a single API. Playwright is built to enable cross-browser web automation tha..

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  1. Getting started with Microsoft Playwright, Automate Twitter! May 07, 2020. What is Microsoft Playwright. Microsoft Playwright is a node.js web automation tool from former members of the popular puppeeter tool team, which recently released v1. Playwright is quite similar to Puppeteer but the main difference is that it offers cross-browser functionality rather than only being focused on chromium.
  2. Allows to set custom test name (same meaning as name Selenium capability). screenResolution. 1280x1024 or 1280x1024x24. 1920x1080x24. Sets resolution of the desktop where browser is running. Use Playwright methods to set browser window size. timeZone. Europe/Moscow. Time zone set to Moon. Sets time zone being used by browser. videoCodec.
  3. For each test automation framework, test runners are one of the essential parts.The reason being, they provide the entry point for kicking off the execution of the test cases. Cypress has a unique test runner that allows us to see commands as they execute. Additionally, it also shows the real-time run of the application under test
  4. Playwright is great for this sort of thing! All we do is run the same test with two variants (before/after the change) and run a student t-test (well, a welch t-test but close enough). It's ±50 LoC and as long as you're fine with running the test enough times to get statistical significance Playwright works quite well for thi

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This first benchmark brought up some interesting findings: Even though Puppeteer and Playwright sport similar APIs, Puppeteer seems to have a sizeable speed advantage on shorter scripts (close to 30% in our observations). Puppeteer and Playwright scripts show faster execution time (close to 20% in E2E scenarios) compared to the Selenium and. Sauce Labs works with the automation frameworks of your choice to help you test faster, with better automation and collaboration. Try it free. Run Playwright tests on Chromium, Firefox or WebKit using Sauce Testrunner Toolkit to speed up testing and unify test results. Learn more Now run it using your code editor or by executing the following command in your project folder. node scraper.js If you saw a Chromium window open and the GitHub Topics page successfully loaded, congratulations, you just robotized your web browser with Playwright

#resizeWindow. Resize the current window to provided width and height. First parameter can be set to maximize. # Parameters width number (opens new window) width in pixels or maximize.; height number (opens new window) height in pixels.Unlike other drivers Playwright changes the size of a viewport, not the window! Playwright does not control the window of a browser so it can't adjust its real. Cypress seems to be approximating Selenium speed in longer suites, which are the norm in E2E testing. It remains to be seen whether very long-running suites could see Cypress climb up the ranking. Puppeteer's advantage over Playwright in short tests does not translate to longer executions. Playwright tops the ranking for real-world scenarios

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This post is about Running Playwright on Azure Functions and deploying it to Azure. Playwright is a Node.js library to automate Chromium, Firefox and WebKit with a single API. Playwright is built to enable cross-browser web automation that is ever-green, capable, reliable and fast. Since it is a Node.js library I am creating this azure function in Javascript One of the main advantages that you will find on Playwright versus other similar solutions is the range of browsers it can orchestrate. It supports Chromium, Firefox and WebKit based browsers on Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems. Yes you heard that right, you can run a Safari-like browser on Linux or Windows; nothing new, just WebKit. Run the script with node index.js. After the script finished, you should have three images in the current directory showing you what this website looks like in 3 different browsers. With Playwright, iterating through the three browser types is pretty easy, 'chromium', 'firefox', 'webkit'. This can be pretty powerful for those looking to quickly. Puppeteer and Playwright give us a great toolkit to power both synthetic monitoring and performance testing. . Whenever testing against Chromium, access to the Chrome DevTools Protocol for traffic inspection, network emulation and more. Easy interoperability with performance libraries from the Node.js ecosystem Run Postman Collections; Flexible Global Multi-Cloud Test Runner infrastructure. Execute your test scenarios across globally in a variety of ways. AWS Cloud: Run your test in either Testable's VPC or your own. Test runner EC2 instances can be automatically spun up and terminated as part of the test run even if it's in your AWS account

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  1. Note: This option is only supported using the default jest-circus. test runner. maxConcurrency [number]# Default: 5. A number limiting the number of tests that are allowed to run at the same time when using test.concurrent. Any test above this limit will be queued and executed once a slot is released
  2. Installing Playwright. To install Playwright, simply use yarn or npm : npm i --save playwright. By default, installing Playwright will also install one or more browsers. If you only want to use the TestingBot cloud, you might consider installing Playwright without the bundled browsers, called playwright-core : npm i playwright-core
  3. playwright-demos - Playwright demos for scrapping and UI testing / automate testing workflows. VS Code - Playwright is used to run cross-browser tests on their web builds. TypeScript - Playwright is used test typescript.js across browsers. Elastic APM JS agent - Playwright is used to run benchmark tests across browsers
  4. In test automation, mocking is useful for creating a curated and sterile testing environment. This tutorial will focus on how to intercept web requests using Python and Playwright for the purpose of test automation. We will use the DemoQA Bookstore application as a base in order to create a user journey where a user may select a single book

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  1. Boozang builds it's Open source test runner on Puppeteer and Playwright, so this can be modified to your needs. Boozang produces Cucumber reports, which can be displayed in any CI server. 4. Analyse tests. Analyze root causes and improve. Use our root cause analysis report to find bugs and bottlenecks, and improve team output..
  2. Automated Headless Browser scripting in Node.js with Playwright. Sometimes the data you need is available online, but not through a public API. Web scraping can be useful in these situations, but only if this data can be accessed statically on a web page. Fortunately for developers everywhere, most things that you can do manually in the browser.
  3. Whether to run a separate build step. Type: boolean; Default: false (true if browser or server is enabled) generate. Whether to run generate pre-rendered HTML files for the application. Type: boolean; Default: false; browser. Under the hood, Nuxt test utils uses playwright to carry out browser testing. If this option is set, a browser will be.

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End-to-End monitoring uses headless browser automation tools like Puppeteer and Playwright to continuously test your website's key user flows. This article summarises the most important points on this topic and gets you up and running in 10 minutes Playwright is a library available in Node.js, Python, and Java to automate Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit with a single API. It is built to enable cross-browser web automation that is ever-green, capable, reliable, and fast. Setup Install Playwright. Let's install P l aywright and browser binaries for Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit. Playwright requires Python 3.7+ Playwright is a Python library to automate Chromium, Firefox and WebKit browsers with a single API. Playwright delivers automation that is ever-green, capable, reliable and fast. See how Playwright is better. Headless execution is supported for all browsers on all platforms Our finished child-frame test. Verification. The above tests may be run in your terminal using the following commands (if using pytest-playwright):. pytest for a headless run; pytest --headful for headful; If you have chosen not to use the pytest-playwright library, you can run the tests in a headful state by adding headless=False when initializing the browser

python -m playwright install pyppeteer-install. 3. Run exaple test with following command. robot Features/Demo.robot. Features. Check The Features. Alert Handler. Async | Await. Browser Management. Debug mode. Element property. Form Handler. Browser compatible. Browser Suppor Order of execution of describe and test blocks#. Jest executes all describe handlers in a test file before it executes any of the actual tests. This is another reason to do setup and teardown inside before* and after* handlers rather than inside the describe blocks. Once the describe blocks are complete, by default Jest runs all the tests serially in the order they were encountered in the. Playwright for .NET Documentation. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets

Cypress Test Runner Install the Cypress Test Runner and write tests locally. Set up tests. Installing Cypress is simple. No dependencies, extra downloads, or changes to your code required. Write tests. Write tests easily and quickly, and watch them execute in real time as you build your web application When you run your test, it will do its best to find a good enough match to the specified HTML. By not relying on a single attribute, your tests are more robust to changes in your front end code. Playwright page methods also support other types of selectors, such as CSS selectors or text selectors $ mkdir e2e $ touch e2e/jest-playwright.config.js e2e/jest.config.js index.e2e.ts e2e/jest-playwight.confg.js. Configure target server info. In this example, run react-script start command in local, and run serve build in CircleCI. We can test the development application in local, and test the built application in CircleCI The examples in this doc are built with Codeceptjs-BDD framework with Playwright! A Complete Example Test As you see in above example, the #searchInput is a scoped element (#shadow-root) but it does not require you to have nested CSS of #shadowRoots to locate the element but it still finds an element Table of Contents. Run a single Jest test file with the CLI; Use .only to run only certain tests. Run a single Jest test in a file using .only; Run multiple Jest tests in a file using .only.only to run a single suite of tests in a describe.only to run multiple suites of tests in describe-s; Use .skip to ignore Jest tests or suites. Ignore a single Jest test in a file using .ski

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Run the script a couple of times to get multiple data points. Then navigate to the Availability blade of Application Insights in the Azure Portal and confirm the data is showing up: Note: it can take a couple of minutes for the data to show up. You probably want the availability test to run on a recurring basis The Playwright plug-in is containerized and supports Adaptive Testing functionality. You can import tests from Playwright to run as test suites within release pipelines

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Open the bin folder where your Test Plan has been saved and open the command prompt in the same folder. The command syntax to run the Jmeter Test Plan is as below. Jmeter -n -t (location of your JMeter test script) -l (location of the result file) -n=Non GUI Mode -t=Location of JMeter Script -l=Location of result file Assuming you run the tunnel on the same machine you run your tests, change to 'localhost:4445/wd/hub'. localhost is the machine running the tunnel, 4445 is the default port of the tunnel. This way your test will go securely through the tunnel to TestingBot and back It also allowed us to use the existing jest test runner configuration which is shared by our unit and integration tests. It's worth noting that at the time of this investigation, Playwright had not yet been released. But it has feature parity with Puppeteer, while also allowing for cross browser testing, auto waiting functionality for. QA Wolf is a service that manages your automated QA. We create and maintain your end-to-end tests, as well as integrate them into your development process. You can think of us like an expert in-house team of QA Engineers, without the hassle of hiring and managing them

See https://playwright.dev/versions and drill down into your relevant version (run `npm list playwright` ) for what the classes do, and their usage. All the classes mentioned there will correspond to a subclass of the Playwright namespace Test and Run Locally. semgrep --config p/headless-browser. Run offline on the command line with a local install. Rules (19) Sorted by relevance Description. Robotmk ensures that the results of Robot Framework End2End-Tests can be integrated into the monitoring system Checkmk. Robot Framework automatically tests websites and applications and allows the use of over 40 libraries, inter alia for Selenium, SikuliX, AutoIT, SAP and many more Rename the Stage to Cypress Tests. Click on 1 Job,0 Task Section. Step 5. This navigates user to the UI where we configure test setup. Lets run the test in a windows Machine - so choose Agent.

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This style is a bit archaic since promises have been a part of JavaScript since 2015 and async/await since 2017, but you may run into it at some point. Mocha inspects the function you pass to it() . If that function takes a parameter, Mocha assumes that parameter is a done() callback that you will call to indicate your test is done With the Playwright API, you can author end-to-end tests that run on all modern web browsers. Playwright delivers automation that is faster, more reliable and more capable than existing testing. Testing Lambda container images locally. The AWS Lambda Runtime Interface Emulator (RIE) is a proxy for the Lambda Runtime API that allows you to locally test your Lambda function packaged as a container image. The emulator is a lightweight web server that converts HTTP requests into JSON events to pass to the Lambda function in the container. Blogged:End to end testing web apps using Playwright and Azure DevOp... s - This article will discuss about testing web applications with the help of Playwright.NET. And run the tests in Azure DevOps as part of CI/CD pipeline. Few months back I wrote an article on Testing Web Applications with PlayWright and C#, this was using a non Microsoft package - PlaywrightSharp This includes Test Runs that have the field for the Test Run itself and also Test Runs for Manual Tests where the Test Steps contained the User Picker field. Downgrading from any version Downgrading from Xray 5.x to a version less than 3.2.0 implies that you must perform a re-index afterward