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  1. These Sikkim traditional costumes are a silky loose blouse and a jacket which called Kushen. Nepali women dresses are very beautiful and endowed with beautiful hues. Pharia is a common sari which worn by all Nepali women. The sari is in many vibrant colours and shades and enriches the beauty of the women. Sikkim Traditional Costumes for Men
  2. A common saree worn by them is Pharia that comes in vibrant colors and shades. The blouse is also put on with this saree. Costumes of Men in Sikkim. The male Lepcha mostly wear Thokro-Dum that includes a pajama, a shirt, Shambo (headgear) and Yenthatse. The dress of male is rough and good for the field work
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  4. Let's discern types of traditional dresses of Sikkim worn by the different communities. Clothing. Bhutia Tribe. In addition to the basic garment, the Bhutia men wear Jya Jya, a waistcoat, the shirt called Yenthatse, Kera, a cloth-belt and Shambo, the cap. They pair the entire outfit with loose trousers
  5. Traditional Dresses Of Sikkim. Posted on November 24, 2019 at 4:24 pm by NE Travel Expert / 0. Bakku or Kho Honju(Blouse), Pangden, Cap Bakku or Kho Honju and Pangden are the Sikkimise Bhutia traditional dress, in now a days, they are only wearing especially in their festivals time, this dress are very colorful and when they are wearing this.
  6. Traditional Dress of Sikkim For Men and Women: Worn by men and women alike, Bakhu, also known as Kho, is the most famous Sikkim culture dress. It is a loose cloak-like cloth piece that is tied at the neck and tightened around the waist with the help of a belt made of silk or cotton. Bakhu is very similar to the Tibetan Chuba, except for.
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  1. The traditional dress of the male member is known as the Bakhu which is a loose cloak type garment with full sleeves. The ladies dress consists of a silken Honju which is a full sleeve blouse and a loose gown type garment. The ladies are very fond of heavy jewelry made of pure gold. Sikkim has its religion incorporated with Bhutias
  2. 1. सिक्किम का भूगोल Geography of Sikkim. सिक्किम के पश्चिम में हिमालय की चोटियाँ सिक्किम राज्य एक पूरा पर्वतीय क्षेत्र है।पूर्वोत्तर भाग में स्थित सिक्किम दक्षिण.
  3. Augmenting the grace of Nepalese women, the traditional attire called Pharia is available in a variety of different hues. Jewellery of Sikkim Just like the dresses, Sikkim's people wears variety of ornaments. During festivities and other occasions, women can be spotted wearing traditional jewellery like the Namchok (ear-ring), Lyak (necklace.
  4. Sikkim is a state in north-eastern India and is the second smallest state of the country. It borders Tibet in the north and north-east, Bhutan in the east, Nepal in the west, and West Bengal in the South. How do people in Sikkim dress up? 1. Bhutia Tribe- Bakhu/Kho Pharia It is a traditional attire worn by Nepalese women of Sikkim. It.
  5. Sikkim Style. Emerging from the ethnic soil of Sikkim and accentuating its culture is the traditional attire known as Kho, as per Bhutia and Bhaku according to the Nepalese dialect. This attire has a loose appearance almost like a cloak garment which needs to be tightened around the neck area and needs to be belted towards the waist portion
  6. The Sikkim traditional costumes of Lepcha women called Dumvum or Dumdyam, it is a type of cozy and smooth ankle-long costume, dressed like a traditional saree. It is worn by many women throughout in Sikkim. Tago is another beautiful dress which is a loose-fitted worn with blouse called as Nyamrek, a type of belt and Taro, a traditional headgear

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  1. A Lepcha male wears Thakro, a colourful sheet, yenthatse (shirt) and a shambo (cap).The Lepcha female dress comprises of Dumbun (a kind of sheet worn in sari style), Tago (loose blouse), Nyumrek (belt) and taro (cap). The beautiful ornaments used by the Lepcha women are Namchok (ear ring), Lyak (necklace), Gyar (bracelet) etc. The attire [
  2. The traditional wedding outfits of Sikkim strengthen the roots and essence of culture, which binds its folks traditionally in one edifying spirit. The bride of Sikkim generally dons the royal outfit of Bakhu accompanied by a full sleeved blouse made out of the finest textures of silk. This outfit, as it is a loose falling garment is fastened.
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  4. Costumes of Sikkim. Each group has their own traditional attire. Lepchas men wears Thakro, a colourful sheet, Yenthatse (shirt) and a Shambo (cap). And, Lepcha female dress comprises of Dumbun (a kind of sheet worn sari style), Tago (loose blouse) , Nyamrek (belt) and Taro (cap). Bhutia male wear consists of Kho (Bakhu), Jya Jya (waist coat.
  5. The men of Sikkim wear Thokro Dum which involves that contains the white pyjama. Women wear the Dumvum as well as Dumdyam. Kho and Bhaku have weared by the women. Bulaki is used as nose ring, Diu a Gold Bangle and Joko is the ring draped around the fingers. Pharia is the symbol that particular women are married or not

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Paragraph on food and dresses of Sikkim. Get the answers you need, now! namitashaw6924 namitashaw6924 03.01.2021 English Secondary School Paragraph on food and dresses of Sikkim. 1 See answer namitashaw6924 is waiting for your help. Add your answer and earn points Coming to the Nepali community. The Limbus, the Gurungs and the Magars were living in Sikkim even before the foundation of the monarch in 1642. But due to conquest and immigration, many other nepali communities settled here in the 17th and 18th century. About their culture, the colourful sari worn by a Nepali woman is known as Pharia The people of Sikkim consist of three ethnic groups, that is, The Bhutia female dresses are: Kho (Bakhu), Hanju (loose blouse), Kushen (jacket), Shambo (cap. Pharia, their long loose blouse tied from four sides is known as Chaubandi Cholo, while another type of popular Colorful prayer flags ,Thangka paintings ,singing bowl, prayer wheel ,Dorjee Bell and Thunderbolt , Mask, Sikkim tea ,Damru TAMIL NADU (130,060km²/7.21 CRORES Beginning with the list of Sikkim famous festivals, Losoong is one of the most important festivals in this mesmerizing Indian state in the North East.This festival is the start of Sikkimese New Year - the reason why it is celebrated with immense joy and fervor. This is also the season of harvesting for the local communities and since the festival also coincides with this time, the.

A typical saree worn by them is Pharia that comes in dynamic hues and shades. The pullover is additionally put on with this saree. Ensembles of Men in Sikkim. The male Lepcha generally wear Thokro-Dum that incorporates a pajama, a shirt, Shambo (headgear) and Yenthatse. The dress of male is unpleasant and useful for the field work Sikkim Tourism: Get all info about Sikkim sightseeing places, popular travel destinations, tourist attractions and incredible holiday packages for Sikkim. Sikkim is an ideal family vacation destination in North East India Nepali • Nepali women wear remarkable dresses endowed with beautiful hues. • Pharia, the saree, sure does enhances the beauty of the Nepali females with the vibrant colour and beautiful patterns. • Chaubandi Cholo, a loose fitting blouse adds to the look for sure. Tharo Cholo is one more variety of blouses worn by the women of this community Sikkim is located in the Eastern Himalayas. It shares its borders with Tibet on the north, Nepal on the west, Bhutan on the east and West Bengal to its south. The world's third highest peak, Kanchenjunga is located on the Nepal-Sikkim border. Tista is the largest river of Sikkim and Rangeet is another major river of the state

SIKKIM Traditional Wear in Sikkim. The main costume in Sikkim for women are Bakhu/Kho, Dumvum, Shuruval, Pharia and a wedding attire. JHARKHAND Silk Sarees. Jharkhand is one of the largest silk producing states in the country. The popular sarees have symbols of firest nature, tribal prints, mud-resis dabu and block batik prints

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