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  1. Here's how to cure bilateral Popeye in betta fish: Quarantine your betta fish in a hospital aquarium, removing it from a community tank as soon as possible. Popeye doesn't necessarily spread, but the underlying condition might. Do a major water change inside the tank that you've just removed your betta from
  2. Unilateral Popeye because of trauma can be treated by supporting the betta fish's natural healing capabilities by providing a clean environment through clean water and frequent water change. 1. Prepare your 5-gallon hospital tank by filling it up adequately with water treated with a water conditioner
  3. Treat your betta with aquarium salt and over-the-counter antibacterial medication that you'll get from a good fish store. Change all the water in the quarantine tank every three days, and add fresh aquarium salt and medication. After 10 days, stop treating the water with medication. Your betta should be showing signs of improvement by now
  4. ister the next dose when you complete a full water change
  5. The good news is that this kind of Popeye is less likely to be fatal because your betta isn't in a dangerous environment. Here are the steps you should take: Remove 10% of the water from your tank and place it into a container. Add your betta to the container and dose it with Epsom salt
  6. Here's how to cure Popeye in betta fish: Physical Trauma - Epsom Salt. Generally, if your betta's Popeye has been caused by an injury or some kind of physical trauma, treatment is easier and more likely to be successful than if the condition is bacteria-related. Usually, a salt bath is a very effective treatment for Popeye that's caused.
  7. There is a range of causes that directly correlate to betta fish eye bulging. Unilateral Popeye occurs when only one of the eyes experiences swelling. Banging of the head into a hard surface or getting into a fight with another fish are most likely the causes of unilateral Popeye. Bilateral Popeye occurs when both eyes suffer from swelling

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The more you know about these possible causes, the easier it will be to see how to prevent Popeye in betta fish. How To Cure Betta Fish Popeye? Determining the cause of Popeye in your betta fish can be a bit difficult to do, in terms of pinpointing the exact cause. This can make treatment a little challenging, but still by no means impossible Treatment for betta fish popeye depends on the cause. If it's an injury, the best cure is generally to move the betta to a calm, solitary aquarium and let the eye heal independently. If an infection causes the popeye, you may need to use a popeye medicine You could try to get your hands on some live food like mosquito larvae, fruit flies, or brine shrimp which are most likely sold at your pet store. If you have no access to live food at this moment, you could soak your betta's food in garlic juice which will also help her immune system. Here's a blog I wrote very recently about how to do it

Popeye is a dangerous disease for betta fish. It can be the cause of death for a betta fish. So you need proper treatment when you notice the symptoms of Popeye Disease. The most effective treatment for Popeye Disease is antibiotic treatment The International Betta Congress also recommends aquarium salt as a general tonic for ailments. This method of treatment is going to be different for betta suffering from Popeye caused by infection. You will need to move your betta to a solo tank. You must change 100% water from the quarantine tank for a betta The best way to deal with betta popeye is to take steps to ensure it doesn't happen in the first place! There are a few things you can do to reduce the chances your betta has to deal with this painful situation. First and foremost, make sure your water stays clean. Do partial water changes once every week or two The treatment will be different for every cause of the popeye. First, the infection occurred because you didn't change the water frequently enough. In order to cure your betta, you will need to change the whole water a few times a week to get rid of some of the bacteria Change 25% of the water everyday using conditioner. Temp match it. You do that until it's cycled. You need a test kit to tell that, or take it to a fish store and ask them to test it and give you the numbers for the following: ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. When the numbers are 0, 0, 5 up to 40, it is cycled. reply

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Tuberculosis is the most common internal disorder that causes betta popeye. An injury to the fish could possibly be caused by tank decor or by netting a fish and moving it. With prompt treatment, most cases of betta popeye are curable. If the disease is advanced, your fish could end up losing one of her eyes or even dying We then recommend taking the following steps in order to cure Popeye: Do a 100% water change. Get your betta into clean, healthy water. Change the aquarium water 100% every 3 days How to treat Popeye in betta fish. Popeye is an infection in the eye. Fluid builds up and causes the eye to bulge. It can be caused by many factors some of w.. How to Treat Popeye in Betta Fish. If the cause of Popeye is a mycobacterial infection, you should go ahead and first treat the root of the bacteria itself. This is easily done by cleaning the tank water and ensuring that the pH balance of the water is just slightly acidic. On a side note, nearly all bacterial infections found in bettas and.

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  1. How to Prevent Popeye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfImzEMm_tYMedication for Popeye: http://www.petmountain.com/product/aquarium-bacterial-medications/11..
  2. Sometimes, septicemia occurs as a secondary infection in bettas that have popeye and external injuries. Often, the condition leads to dropsy. Fish with bulging eyes or a distended, bloated stomach might also be affected by sepsis as a progression of the original illness
  3. The treatment will be different for every cause of the popeye. First, the infection occurred because you didn't change the water frequently enough. In order to cure your betta, you will need to change the whole water a few times a week to get rid of some of the bacteria. You will need to add an antibiotic solution to the water to kill the.

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The betta fish popeye disease is a disease that affects the fish causing the eyes to bulge and appear swollen. The eyes become cloudy and look irritated with splotches or a ring around it. You can use the aquarium or Epsom salt to treat the disease and avoid dirty aquarium water, to overfeed, and maintain a clean tank to prevent the disease How to Treat Popeye in Betta Fish. If the cause of Popeye is a mycobacterial infection, you should go ahead and first treat the root of the bacteria itself. This is easily done by cleaning the tank water and ensuring that the pH balance of the water is just slightly acidic. On a side note, nearly all bacterial infections found in bettas and. With one, it is one teaspoon per gallon. Keep in this solution 24/7 with daily 100% water changes. Treat no more than 10-14 days. The other is one tablespoon per gallon. Leave him in this solution for no more than 10-15 minutes. Make sure to watch constantly for any sign of stress Here are the steps: Separate your sick betta fish into the quarantine tank. (Learn the procedure to create the quarantine tank.) Change the water 100% with cleaner water in the communal tank. It also prevents other fish from suffering the same Popeye infections. Start treating your betta fish with ampicillin and aquarium salt

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If you don't, the undissolved grains can burn your betta's scales. You will need to do 100% changes every day when Epsom salt is present, although 2-3 days of treatment should be all that you need. Do not exceed 10 consecutive days of treatment with Epsom salt. You can also opt to give a couple of Epsom salt baths a day instead In the case of Betta fish use ampicillin in the fish tank and clear out the water every third day. Administer the medicine for a week even after your fish's popeye has been cured. If detected early, medicines like erythromycin, minocycline, trimethoprim, or sulfadimidine etc can be used How often are water changes: I usually change 20% of his water once a week. I suction out the bottom of his tank where all his gravel is as well as clean out algae. Feeding: betta pellets 3-4 pieces twice a day. Occasionally I feed peas. Decorations and plants: Java moss, Java fern Inspect your Betta fish's eyes to see if one eye or both eyes are protruding from his head. This is a symptom of a bacterial infection called popeye. Your fish may have developed popeye due to dirty tank water, or due to a more serious illness like tuberculosis. Sadly, tuberculosis is not curable in fish and is fatal for Betta fish How to treat popeye - One of the best way to treat this. Give your fish a slt bath for a thirty six our period, then bathe the eyes with a five percent solution of Argyrol which is a mild silver protiente. Another way is to give your betta a special bath consisting of one drop of ammonia to every gallon of water. The tempature of the bath.

Treatments for Popeye in your Betta Fish Once you have diagnosed that your Betta Fish has Popeye, the next step is treatment. Since it is hard to diagnose between the popeye being a mycobacterial infection or tubercolosis, the first step is to make sure that the water is clean and set at the optimal temperature popeye; In summary. The process of using salt as medication should be attempted with care, and only specific proportions should be used. The anatomy of a betta can be different compared to that of other aquarium inhabitants. Salt may help to cure your betta but could seriously harm other animals in the aquarium and even kill live aquarium plants If the following treatment recommended does not work, it would be safe to say that it's some kind of bacterial infection. I would then recommend to use a antibiotic such as API Tetracycline or a combination of Maracyn I and Maracyn II. Hope this helps. 20 gallon popeye do I treat the whole tank Knowing how to treat popeye in betta fish is something you should learn sooner rather than later. Betta popeye, also called betta fish eye bulge, is characterized by a betta fish's eye swollen abnormally, often with a white ring around the eye. The condition results from one of three causes, according to betta fish rescue How to treat pop-eye in betta, oscar, angel, goldfish, discus, and other fishes. Your vet will determine the proper treatment depending on the symptoms and underlying cause [1]. Commonly recommended treatment measures are as follows: Treatment at home. Quarantine the sick fis

Most bacterial infections in fish are due to gram negative bacteria but not when it comes to their eyes. The eyes are usually infected by gram positive bacteria, most often it's streptococcus, so you need an antibiotic that will affect gram positi.. API® BETTAFIX fish remedy is an all-natural, antibacterial fish remedy for Bettas that should be used whenever your Betta exhibits signs of disease, such as wounds, ulcers, mouth fungus, fin & tail rot, slimy patches, and cottony growths. BETTAFIX fish remedy aids in healing damaged tissue as a result of handling, netting, and fighting using. Never stop treatment early as this could increase a parasites immunity. If your betta fish lives in solitude you may opt to treat them in their existing tank. If they live in a community tank, have carbon filters, or sensitive plants, you should quarantine them for disease treatment in a separate hospital tank

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I don't know much about popeye, but here's a website that can help you: Popeye so you want to take him out as soon as possible. I would set up a hospital tank for your betta and treat him there. I think the most common way to treat columnaris is to use aquarium salt, and furan 2, as well as lowering your tank temperature (I think to 75. Treatment will vary depending on the reason for the disease. Popeye: As the name suggests, the Popeye disease can make the eyes of your betta fish “pop.†Clean the aquarium regularly and replace the water on a weekly basis. Dropsy: Betta fish with Dropsy will look bloated, making them look pregnant even though they aren’t Symptoms of popeye: One or both eyes will swell and bulge, sometimes dramatically. The eye may actually pop out of the socket in extreme cases. Treatment of popeye: Popeye can be difficult to treat, as the cause is not always evident. Water changes, antibiotics, and/or Bettafix are the best places to start Popeye Disease Treatment Because popeye is caused by a bacterial infection, your betta may need antibiotic treatment to recover from the illness. Your veterinarian will ask you questions about your fish's habitat and determine whether the popeye is a result of a bacterial infection in the eye or a more serious underlying medical condition

Popeye, as we've seen, can be the result of a variety of different causes. Whether your male goldfish got into a fight with another fish, or whether your fish is suffering from a bacterial infection or some disease, there are ways to treat the condition. How to treat popeye in goldfish depends to a certain extent on the cause Popeye •Symptoms: One or both eyes will swell and bulge out. It in itself can also be a symptom of Dropsy. •Treatment: Usually not fatal if treated, but your betta might lose an eye. Conservative: If the swelling is extreme then use ES first. Perform 100% daily water changes. You may be able to treat the popeye with just Epsom and clean water Here are some tips that will help you locate the best betta fish popeye disease treatment: Amazing Tips to Prevent the Occurrence of Popeye in Betta Fish. If you want to enjoy with your pet betta fish for a very long time, you must ensure that he stays healthy. Therefore, you must purify the environment into which it is surviving

Since the causes of popeye are so varied, the treatment is difficult. Some success has been noted in treatment of Ichthyosporidium using one percent phenoxyethanol at about 50gm per gallon of water. Treatment for bacterial disease would best be accomplished using Tetracycline or Terramycin added to aquarium water every other day or mixing food. Behavioral Betta Symptoms: Lack of appetite, lethargic, bottom-dwelling, darting to surface for oxygen, laying on their side. Treatment: Antibiotics like Kanamycin Sulfate, or Maracyn II. Betta Fish Dropsy Outlook: Usually fatal. Dropsy in betta fish is not a disease itself, but rather a secondary symptom of another problem going on internally Add the salt per recommendation and stir it until it is fully dissolved. Get a second container with 1/4 salted water like your 1 gallon tank, and the rest (3/4) with tank water (this is the reviving station). Carefully get your fish from its home and gently put it into the water

I decided to set up a separate 2.5 gallon tank and treat my betta fish alone , using the aquarium salt ( 1 tsp per gallon ) & 86 degrees heat method. In my 10 gallon tank, I treated the black neon fish & otocinclus with half dose of Tetra Ich Guard tablets, plus raised the temp. to 86 degrees as well to speed up the ich life cycle Popeye. Popeye can be one of the more disturbing of betta fish diseases to witness. A condition caused by unclean tank conditions, this disfiguring betta disease can also be symptomatic of deeper underlying causes such as tuberculosis, in which case the result is fatal The sooner you catch fin rot in Betta fish, the easier it's going to be to treat it. The first thing to do is consider if you need to transfer your betta to an isolated tank. If your betta lives in a tank bigger than two gallons, or with any living thing (such as plants), you should immediately isolate it

Treat and support the healing of wounds, diseases and infections with API Bettafix Natural Healing for Betta Fish. This natural antibacterial remedy promotes rapid regrowth of damaged fins and skin. Use it to treat ulcers, mouth fungus, fin and tail rot, or bacterial and fungal diseases like red ulcers, slimy patches or cottony growths The absolute best cure for Popeye is clean water! You can do 25% to 50% water changes daily, If you are interested in reading up on other betta illnesses I would recommend checking out this more in-depth article. Filed Under: Betta Fish Care, Blub, Fishes, Pet Care. Related Posts We then recommend taking the following steps in order to cure Popeye: Do a 100% water change. Get your betta into clean, healthy water. Add any Ampicillin antibiotic to the aquarium. Make sure the powder properly dissolves into the water, stir if need be. Be sure to add the powder again when doing a 100% water change

Betta Diseases - Popeye Popeye is a bacterial infection caused by dirty water. It is usually not fatal, and your Betta should make a full recovery if you catch it early (although he may lose the eye if you start treatment too late) Popeye is difficult to treat in fish because it consists of three different sets of problems. First there is damage to the cornea. Next there is accumulation of fluid behind the fish's eyeball, and finally there is an opportunistic bacterial infection. Minor damage to the cornea can improve over time, assuming the fish is provided with. History of Indian almond leaves in the aquarium. Commercial betta breeders have been using almond leaves for many years to improve fish color, stimulate breeding, and fry survival. It was a trade secret for a long time, but eventually, word got out that the leaves improved fish health, breeding, and disease resistance Initial treatment: First 48 hours. Check the temperature of your tank. If you tend to keep it on the cold side of the 70-to-85-degrees Fahrenheit water temperature recommended for mollies, turn it up to at least 80 degrees. Low temperatures can cause digestive issues in fish, so chances are your entire molly community will benefit from added. A sick Betta fish usually changes its behavior towards diet on a huge level. And when it comes to the Betta fish it clearly stops eating any food altogether. If your fish is uninterested in eating anything, it is probably sick. White spots. If your Betta is sick, it may develop spots on its body which are mostly white in color

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How To Treat Your Bettas With Aquarium Salt. Keeping in mind that you should probably quarantine your sick betta with what is known as a hospital tank, if you're using aquarium salt to treat something specific, here are the steps to remember, regardless of whether or not you do that Betta Fish Popeye Treatment. Betta Health / By kristipcarter. Popeye, or exophthalmia, is a serious illness that often negatively impacts betta fish and other fish in an aquarium. It is a bacterial infection that causes the fish's eyes to bulge out. The swollen eye may also develop a white ring around it, which is another vital symptom of popeye 1. Location. Stourbridge UK. Jun 10, 2009. #6. Melafix is great for healing torn fins or helping with healing after fin rot has been cleared, but it will NOT cure popeye if that is what it turns out to be. Myaxzin is the best treatment I have found. I had a guppy with popeye once and the Myaxzin cleared it right up Treatment is essential, as your fish may lose one or both of its eyes without treatment. However, a betta fish eye bulge can be a serious issue that could be deadly. Learn how to recognize and treat betta popeye — the earlier the treatment some types of fish are prized for their big, round, bulging eyes, such as certain types of goldfish

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3. Fast the sick fish. Overfeeding betta fish or giving them food that has low moisture content commonly causes swim bladder problems through bloating and constipation. To help potentially correct the problem, it is recommended to fast the sick betta fish for 24-48 hours Treatment; Popeye (exophthalmia) is a symptom of an underlying disease. It is caused by a build-up of fluid in or behind the eye, causing it to bulge out. Popeye can be caused by poor water conditions, injury or bacterial/fungal infections. Treatment depends on the underlying cause. Test water (high ammonia, nitrites or nitrates, high salinity) Treat and heal wounds, diseases and infections with API BETTAFIX Antibacterial & Antifungal Betta Fish Infection and Fungus Treatment. This natural antibacterial remedy promotes rapid re-growth of damaged fins and skin. Use it to treat ulcers, mouth fungus, fin and tail rot and when you see signs of bacterial and fungal diseases like red ulcers. Betta Fish Popeye. Betta Popeye is a bacterial infection which actually results in pop eye, one or both eyes bulge out. This common beta disease is generally caused by poor water conditions. Betta Popeye is a pretty scary looking disease, but most sick betta fish eyes make a full recovery if they're treated properly. Treatment: Change.

How to cure Popeye in fish? If you notice that your dear betta fish in your aquarium tank has developed Popeye, then you will have to act immediately to treat the condition. Treatment would be dependent on the underlying cause. If there is any injury to the eye, then you need to use aquarium salt and perform palliative care betta should not have salt in their water. the only reason to use salt in a betta tank is to treat ich or a few other easily treatable diseases. most popeye cases are from poor water quality. keep the water very clean and it should go away on its own

Popeye is a disease that causes swelling in one or both of the eyes and it may be caused by either a tumor or a viral infection. This disease is easily treated with antibiotics like tetracycline. Velvet is another parasitic disease that causes the development of rust-colored mist all over the fish's body - your betta may also clamp his fins. Betta Fish Eyes. Betta fish Popeye is a disease-causing bloatedness, swelling, or inflammation in the eyes of the fish. Popeye itself is not a deadly ailment but being caused by another infectious disease may lead to the death of the fish. This is the best medication used in Popeye fish treatment Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 20, 2011. I have a betta that I think bumped his eye on some driftwood about a week ago (had a red raw spot under it initially and some ruffled scales) that now is having popeye in the eye he bumped. I gave him a dose of marycyn the night I noticed it to tide him over (I panic when my favorite fish gets sick :x.

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  1. e which has infected a given fish. Answers may lie in other symptoms
  2. How to Prevent and Treat Popeye in Betta Fish: 10 Steps . 6. Eye cloud. Commonly known as Cloudy cornea, this disease causes white films on the eyes. It can be prevented by improving the quality of water. A water conditioner is needed to make the water safer for the aquatic animal
  3. Hi my trusted NERMS! I am seeking your wise knowledge. I have a betta that has had popeye for almost a month. We had him in a hospital tank for the First two weeks. When he wasn't getting worse but he wasn't getting better and it seemed the longer he was in the hospital he just got more depressed..
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Subject: betta, seven you and all the fish have fins to. Ingredients: 250 mg of nitrofurazone, methylene blue, pvp, vitamins, salt, Sulfa, methazine, diazine and merazine. Erythromycin: Antibiotic treatment of Gram-negative bacteria and some Gram-positive bacteria and the bacteria causing fin rot, carry diseases and diseases related to molly fish The best treatment for this will be to change the water daily. You should also get a water treatment for internal parasites from the local pet store. These are not actually very easy to find and the brands vary which means that you need to do some research. Popeye. Popeye is one of the most recognizable diseases that your fish could have 5) Betta Popeye: Betta popeye is a bacterial infection. You have noticed that your betta fish has a bulging eye. Like most of the most common betta diseases, it's usually caused by dirty water in the tank. It can be treated with ampicillin and again, make sure to clean the tank regularly Popeye is caused by a buildup of fluid behind the eye and is often seen in conjunction with Dropsy. Suggested Treatment Period: 1 week. Bacterial infection. Eye appears clouded or filmed over. Cloudy Eye is a bacterial infection on the surface of the eye. It is common in tanks that are overcrowded or full of aggressive fish Help! My betta, Bubbles has popeye. I'm totally freaking out because I don't know what to do! He is in a one gallon tank with undergravel filter. I do a 25% water change once a week, and I use a water conditioner. I have had him for serveral months, and he has been happy and healthy so far..

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  1. To treat a betta with fin rot using aquarium salt, transfer the fish, a heater and some hiding places like real/fake plants to a separate quarantine tank or tub with treated tap water of the same temperature as the water in the aquarium (be sure to give the fish some time to acclimate to the 100% tap water)! Set the heater to a temperature of.
  2. To prevent these worms in your tank, you need to keep the water clean-change and condition it regularly. For any affected betta, you can use tweezers to remove the worms and treat the wound. 7. They Have a Hole in the Head. This is the most common cause of the loss of scales on the head of a betta fish
  3. Most noteworthy, however, is that popeye can also be a symptom of other diseases and curing it is not possible if this is the case (unless you address the main condition). Popeye Treatment. To treat this you immediately should do a water change - a full 100% change that is. Then, over the next few days, you need to change 25-50% of the water.
  4. Treating Popeye in a betta . The symptom of Popeye disease in an infected betta is bulged eyes. In this case, you can treat the problem with the addition of ampicillin into the water after cleaning the tank every 3 days. Treating constipation. Sudden swelling of a betta body is a sign of constipation
  5. Oct 16, 2015 - Betta Fish site for information about betta fish care and maintenance
  6. If you own a betta, popeye is a bacterial infection that you need to be on the lookout for. Popeye is an eye infection in which the fish's eyes appear to bulge, or pop out. Left untreated, your betta fish could potentially go blind
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  1. Betta white spot on eye. Care treatment of dropsy 2. When aquarium light are turned on he hides in the plants. Betta with white eyes. This is a symptom of a bacterial infection called popeye. Ich or white spot disease looks similar but depending on its cause may need a different type of treatment in the final stages your bettas gills will.
  2. Betta fish can live in unfiltered nano tanks if you're keeping just one betta on its own. But you'll need to do daily partial water changes to prevent ammonia poisoning. For an easier maintenance routine, choose a filter with adjustable flow, as a filter that creates strong water currents can damage a betta's long delicate fins
  3. Treatment: Usually not fatal if treated, but your betta might lose an eye. Conservative: If the swelling is extreme then use ES first. Perform 100% daily water changes. You may be able to treat the popeye with just Epsom and clean water
  4. Hi my betta has caught Popeye and I gave him maracyn but it didn't heal completely so after finishing the 5day treatment I decided to switch to maracyn 2 after doing a 100percent water change. This is the second day of the treatment and his popeye has gotten even more swollen. I'm sure I did something wrong but I don't know what to do
  5. ⬤Columnaris ⬤Septicemia ⬤Popeye ⬤Dropsy-Perform a 100% water change.-Treat Columnaris with Furan-Treat Septicemia and Popeye with KanaPlex-Dropsy is a symptom of organ failure and is usually fatal
  6. Betta does not eat. Lack of appetite isn't always caused by illness. Safe reasons are the rejection of one type of food by the betta (more often this happens with dry food).In this case, try replacing your usual food with live food: brine shrimp, bloodworms, pieces of lean fish, squid.Another reason is that the feed particles are too large for him to swallow
  7. Popeye can also developed due to unclean water found within the betta fish tank. Hence, you should take appropriate steps to clean water inside the betta fish tank in regular intervals. In fact, Popeye is a bacterial infection
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A melhor prevenção contra o popeye é a troca frequente da água do aquário por água limpa. Então, tenha sempre água limpa em seu aquário para garantir que seu Betta não terá popeye. Se o seu Betha fica em um aquário com volume igual ou inferior a 8 litros, faça a troca de metade da água semanalmente How to Tell if a Betta Fish is Pregnant How to Treat Popeye in Betta Fish How to Setup a Betta Tank Difference Between a Male & Female Betta How to Teach Your Betta Fish Tricks. Ratings and Reviews See All. 1.0 out of 5. 1 Rating. 1 Rating. egostool , 09/25/2017. really bad for paid ap I have a Betta with popeye codition in one eye. He had it in the other eye a week ago but it went away. The Bette is in a 1/2 gal. jar and I use bottled water to refresh 50% of the water every 3-4 day read mor