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  1. For example if you type About us (which is actual page in my websites), it will show the search.php but no results on it. On the other hand if you type Big truck or fsdgwdhs (which I made up), it will send back other page than search.php. So I think that wordpress maybe know that there are some results but it does not show them
  2. If your WordPress search is not working, it could manifest in one of the following ways- The WordPress search box is not displaying on your site. The WordPress search box is not returning results. WordPress search results page is not loading after the user entered a search query
  3. Unfortunately, the search form results do not show zero members if there are no matches. Instead it shows all members, which is a bit confusing for users. I have read the previous threads on this topic, but there doesn't appear to be resolution in those threads
  4. is not working To fix this issue, disable the Yoast SEO plugin and add the following code to the functions.php file. 6. WooCommerce search not working - products by title, category, tag, or brand are not working. 7
  5. Ans easy way to add a search box is with the free Add Search to Menu plugin - just install and use the plugin settings to customize your search form and results. You can also add a search box directly to any page (via your child theme, as mentioned above) by using the core WordPress function get_search_form ();

Some prominent Keywords not showing results Home › Forums › Product Support Forums › Ajax Search Pro for WordPress Support › Some prominent Keywords not showing results This topic contains 3 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated b By default, the WordPress search does a pretty great job. It's not the best one out there, hence why so many opt for using Google search instead. However, with a little know-how, you can make it more powerful by adding a search results filter. Although it has a few flaws, like how it doesn't search post meta by default, most of the time it. Out of box and by default, WordPress only searches post titles and post content. It doesn't do any meta searching or taxonomy searching. So if you're testing with values that aren't found in the title or content, then it's not going to find results for you. Thread Starter wassy8 Explanation: This code first checks that the search is not originating from the WordPress admin pages. If it is not, then it searches for posts by setting the post_type parameter. You can also make it do the opposite by setting the post_type to pages, so it only return pages in the search results

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  1. In order to search only pages in WordPress, we will need to add a PHP filter to the WordPress functions file. Open your functions.php file then copy and paste the code below. Your WordPress site will now only return pages in the search results
  2. The search had worked for several years then suddenly it was either returning no results or very few irrelevant results. I checked on Google Webmaster and there were no reported issues, all pages were indexed by Google. I was also able to use Google to search using the same keywords, for example a Google search for: help site:itsupportguides.
  3. If you want to keep your page out of the search results, there are a number of things you can do. Most options aren't hard and you can implement these without a ton of technical knowledge. If you can check a box, your content management system will probably have an option for that
  4. WordPress lets you block all search engines from indexing your content. Unfortunately, WordPress does not let you stop pages being indexed on a page by page basis. The only option you have is allow search engines to index everything or to index nothing at all. Stopping search engines from indexing specific pages is necessary from time to time

Here is how you will get a search engine ID. Visit Google Custom Search website and click on New Search Engine link on the left. Simply provide your WordPress site's URL in 'Sites to Search' field. Next, you need to choose the language of your website. Lastly, click on the create button to continue To do that, go to All in One SEO » Search Appearance from your WordPress admin area. You will see different tabs for different content sections, including Content Types, Taxonomies, Media, and Archives. Now click on any of these tabs and set the Show in Search Results setting to No Method 1: Using SearchWP to Add Category Select Search Form to WordPress. SearchWP is the best search plugin for WordPress. It's very easy to use and lets you add a category selection feature, giving your users control over their search results. First, you need to install and activate the SearchWP plugin

While robots.txt is usually used to control crawling traffic and web (mobile vs desktop) crawlers, it could also be used to prevent images from appearing in Google search results. A robots.txt file of normal WordPress websites would look like this: User-agent: * Disallow: /wp-admin/ Disallow: /wp-includes/ SearchWP can search your documents! You can tell SearchWP to extract text from documents (PDF, Office, plain/rich text, and more!) uploaded to the WordPress Media library and make that content searchable.. Document search results integrate directly into your results template, showing the Media Library title and a link to that Media entry

Still a lengthy fix for such a simple problem, but not quite a reformat. See here: Visual studio search turned out to be a simple shortcut issue, Cntrl+Shift+F instead of Cntrl+F. This is a known bug in VS that has been around since 2005. Click on the 'find results' box and click ctrl+break a few times Locate your .htaccess file in WordPress / search for .htaccess file location. Make sure to unhide hidden .htaccess files. If, you have 1 or more .htaccess files then, Make a list of all of .htaccess file locations. Step 2. Replace all .htaccess files with a clean or default version of the .htaccess file Search in File Explorer in Windows 10 does not display all possible results. How can I make it show me all the results? (For example, I have dates in the filenames of pictures. I searched tonight for all pictures with *901* in their filenames, and got 1 result, yet I knew there were at least 6 pictures in the same folder with *901* in their. I have a list with several columns. One column is a people picker. I have 7 users in the list with a name Jason. When I search for Jason only 3 users show up in results. When I search on a value in a different column missing users will show up in results. I did index reset, full crawl and several incremental crawls but it is still not working

If you're using Custom Post Types in your WordPress site, you might assume that your site search will display those posts along with the standard posts and pages in search results. However, WordPress actually has to be told to not only search custom post types, but a little extra work is needed to find in search all of the additional. But, my website is still not showing up in google search. I tried searching, site:www.example.com in google and got the following message. Your search - site:www.example.com - did not match any documents. I know I need to do more than submitting my URL to google search engine, but just not sure what those steps are

To start, go to Google Search Console, sign into your Google Analytics account, and click the red Add a Property button. Add the exact URL of the website you added to Search Console and click Add. Under the Recommended method tab, click Verfiy. You'll see a success message once the verification goes through. And that's it If your WordPress site isn't ranking high, use the Search Results report of Google Search Console to see specific pages/posts that dropped in rankings. Search Console also lets you see content that has dropped in click-through rates, impressions, and clicks. In your Search Results report, use Date: Compare and just filter by the.

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Search Results Based On Relevance: Relevanssi also shows search results based on relevance to the search terms. Not the publish date. Deeper Indexing: The plugin supports indexing of almost all types of content, including PDF, documents, ePub, shortcode content, and more 7. Increase the size (2nd size) to 10000 in your term aggregations and you will get the bucket of size 10000. By default it is set to 10. Also if you want to see the search results just make the 1st size to 1, you can see 1 document, since ES does support both searching and aggregation There was a 10 minute spike in the CPU usage with the Search Host Controller service was started, but searches are still not returning all of the results. Since I started the Search Host Controller yesterday my search results are showing hits from April 6 and backwards and May 6 at 9:45 and forwards. The time period between is not showing up

WordPress Pharma Hack also known as Google Viagra hack is a kind of website spam hack that injects spam into WordPress pages and search engine results not visible to the normal user. The spam only shows up if the user agent is from Google's crawler . Also, the infection is a bit tricky to remove and if not done properly will keep on regenerating Many users noticed the NotePad++ Search Results window does not always show up. Not being able to quickly access the search results can be very annoying. This forces users to manually look up the information or sequence they're interested in. Of course, it's best to avoid such time-consuming tasks. That's why we created this guide and we. WordPress is one of the most popular website building platforms in the world, powering nearly 37% of all websites on the internet, it is also, however, not without issues and complications.. Users may encounter issues with WordPress sites SharePoint online search not showing results to new added user in the tenant Hi, I have added a Search Box and a Search Results web part which is configured with a query to get all the results. Now when a user, who has contribute permission on entire site, can see all the documents in search results.. Why isn't my site showing up on search engine results pages? There are several reasons why a site might not show up in search engine results pages. Here are the most common ones: The search engines haven't indexed the site yet. Sometimes it can take a week or more for a search engine to find your website

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  1. Some posts and pages should not show up in search results. To make sure they don't show up, you should tell search engines to exclude them. You do this with a meta robots noindex tag. Setting a page to noindex makes sure search engines never show it in their results.Here, we'll explain how easy it is to noindex a post in WordPress if you use Yoast SEO
  2. Search term manipulation. When you search for a specific search term, Google scans all indexed pages for the exact term or phrase. Google uses the search term to highlight information in search results which is why the meta title may be different from what you entered into the plugin
  3. A search for all pages on example.com without search term manipulation would be site:example.com. Search engines ignored your preferred meta description. Ultimately search engines will, as you have seen, make the final decision on what they show in their search results

By saying Yes to the 'Show Posts in search results' question in the post settings, for instance, you make sure that your posts will appear in the XML sitemap and, therefore, in the search results. If you want to exclude something, you can switch this toggle to No, and the taxonomy or post type will not appear in the XML sitemap If you have multiple URLs that direct the users to the same content, again, it will result in a duplicate content within your WordPress site. From all those URLs, the right one is called the Canonical URL. You can set up canonical URLs if you want to tell search engines which links they should index, a feature that is built-in within the CMS There are thousands of forum posts opened everyday not only on WordPress.org but also on other forums and of course nearly every theme developer's support site regarding very common issues that can be solved very quickly and easily. I'm sure theme developers and community members are pretty bored of answering these questions over and over again, so I've decided to write the following.

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How You Can See Google Search Results for Different Locations. Here's how you can check Google search results for a specific country, city, or street address - both manually and using tools Search & Filter Pro. 4.5 stars - based on 192 reviews. Search by custom fields, post meta, taxonomies, tags, categories, authors, post types, post dates and more - The Ultimate WordPress Filter Plugin with Ajax! Use Search & Filter to find posts / custom posts / products by any number of parameters, allowing your users to easily find what. In addition to that, subdomains of large site providers (such as wordpress.com) tend to not rank as well as unique domains. So, if you don't see your site pop up in Google, it might just be that the search engine doesn't rank it high. To be sure it has not been indexed at all, do a search for site:yourdomain.wordpress.com. Hope this helps.

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Outlook Search not showing all results Hello, I have a user whose Outlook search doesn't show up the complete results. Even when in the results, some of them doesn't highlight the word that is being searched. This happens mostly in the PST files. I have verified all the files are being indexed and the indexing is complete Tip 2: If you want to only rollup direct sub sites, use UrlDepth . The solution shared by Share-gate is good for picking up all sites in a site collection. And when I say all sites, I mean ALL sites. This might not be a problem when you only have a few subsites, but I can think of a handful or more scenarios where this would not work out.

Search bar configuration. On your WordPress back-end open up the search instance options, and navigate to the General Options -> Logic & Behavior panel. Scroll down until you find them Magnifier and Return button events. Then set both to Elementor results page. Then under the Select a page with an Elementor Pro posts widget option, search. Cortana & Search settings not showing up in windows search I am trying to disable bing results when I search using the windows 10 search bar. Every article I have found saying how to do this says that I must search cortana in the search bar and click on the result that says Cortana & Search settings Recently we have noticed, one of our sites has a strange issue that images could not be viewed on the site. Also, media library was not showing preview of images though all images are actually available on the server. If you have the same issue, here are some solutions you can try to fix WordPress media library not showing images On the Search Console Home page, click the site you want. Under Search Appearance, click Sitelinks. In the 'for this search result box' complete the URL for which you don't want a specific sitelink URL to appear. In the 'demote this sitelink URL box, complete the URL of the sitelink you want to demote. That's it. Go and have a. outlook search not showing any result its been a dew days since my outlook search is not showing any result whatsoever. previously, it worked fine, it showed all the results of past that i had with an email account but suddenly its not working

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Sometimes, the reason your favicon does not show is as a result of not changing the filename. The simple fix for this is to rename the favicon file from the default, 'favicon.ico' Let us now focus on why favicons will not show up on Chrome, WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace: Reasons Favicon Not Showing Up in Chrome Specificall I looked at the objects that the search results returned and did not find anything there. Starting to analyze the data, I realized all the pages that were not showing up had some content that was similar, even though they were unique pages the content had a similar tone to it. I think in the earlier versions of the Search Result Web Parts, the.

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Locate the tags section and make sure that show tags in search results is set to NO. Tag SEO Settings in Yoast SEO Conclusion. Category and tag pages are available by default on all kinds of WordPress websites. Many people ignore them but as explained above, this can negatively affect your SEO efforts Step 2: Add a New Custom Search Widget. To create a custom search widget for specific product pages, you need to visit the Smart Search » Add New page in your WordPress admin dashboard. Start by adding a name for your new search widget. Below, you'll find similar settings for the WooCommerce product search with additional options 5. Better Search. Better Search is a free WordPress plugin that will replace the default search form with a much-improved version. Not only does it improve the search speed, but it also provides users with more relevant answers. Easily search through posts, pages, and even custom post types with this fantastic plugin Our very first portal WordPress theme centered around events. Event Guide is ideal for founding your own online business. Maybe you would like to house event managers and their venues for a small monthly fee? Users can filter through events using our brand new interactive mini-map. Event Guide is packed with unique features like filtering events based on user's current location and its type. We have set all the things to get our search work, lets see the magic on External List Page. See the magic to work. Now that you navigate to the page, you will see that by default the External List XsltListViewWebPart shows all the results returned by your View or Table, this should look like this: Type in the AccessNumber and see if the search.

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Again, all inside your WordPress dashboard. You'll also get access to real-time statistics for your site, as well as the ability to set up email notifications. And finally, you can also display statistics on the front-end using their shortcode builder. So if you want to show off your stats, you can embed them for everyone to see Search engines are the source for most traffic to a website on the Internet. However, there are times when you might not want sites like Google to crawl your content. In those cases, perhaps you want to prevent WordPress from being indexed in search results. After all, not everything you create online needs to immediately acquire traffic php - How to search order using database frontend short code WordPress. July 22, 2021. in WordPress Programming. I do not have a great deal of coding understanding. Just how do I include a WordPress looking data source shortcode to the frontend making use of the metavalue as if I were to look for demonstration, the metavalue (called as.

Free and Premium WordPress Plugins & Themes Forums WordPress Plugins Hotel Booking Search results show booked accommodations Search for: Search This topic has 0 replies, 1 voice, and was last updated 3 hours, 24 minutes ago by Michael Carrier. Viewing 1 post (of 1 total) Author Posts July 23, 2021 at 11:29 am #1160805 Michael [ In the first case, of the soft 404 bug, Google was not listing some pages in its search results that it will soon re-list after the bug is resolved. The second case, of the review stars, Google was/is not showing review stars in the search results that can lead to a lower click through rate from the search results SEO is search engine optimization, which will optimize the plan and idea of an article and come out with ranking on the top position of the website page. The success of the website is ranking on top, your website may be most attractive but without search engine optimization, it will not emerge from the top as a result of the search, and remain.

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Home SEO Tips. Wix and WordPress are two of the preferred web site options obtainable. In line with Builtwith, Wix is powering over 4.5 million web sites whereas WordPress is behind over 28 million web sites. The important thing distinction between them is that Wix is a web site builder and hosted answer, whereas WordPress is an open-source. So sorry for answering this late. I don't think you are doing anything wrong. If you are using Query Builder to display your search results (and not doing all your query modifications from site settings), then simply go back into the Query Builder properties box of that specific web part, click on the Settings tab, and then click on Don't remove duplicates We all know the default WordPress search function isn't very great or at least not as good as Google , but there are a few tricks out there to help improve the search results. This post will show you different methods of limiting your search results to specific posts types or categories and how to change the default number or search. As an admin, locate the site that's missing results. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner. Select Site Settings. Under Search, select Search and offline availability. Make sure that Allow this site to appear in Search results is set to Yes. After the setting is set to Yes, the site should be indexed during the next scheduled crawl. Note

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A Simple Approach to Incorporating Google Search into a WordPress Site. Now, in general, the common way to override WordPress search using Google Custom search when not using a plugin, is to modify the search.php template file. Rather than do that though, I want to suggest a simpler approach Google may decide not to show your site in the search results if it thinks you have low-quality content. Here are some examples of content problems to avoid: Little or no text: If your pages have little or no text, then search engines may not be able to understand them All you need to do is to add the below line of code to your wp-config.php file. define ( 'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false); Be cautious if you enable this on a live site, because this can disclose sensitive information. If you enable it temporarily, don't forget to disable once you have identified and fixed your problem. 4 13 Simple Ways to Boost SEO on Your WordPress Website. When compiling this list of SEO strategies, we started with one assumption: you're busy. So these techniques are ones that you can implement right now (long-term commitment not required). Obviously, there are plenty of other techniques, but this is a great place to start Ajax Search Pro for WordPress has one of the most customizeable interfaces on the plugin market. With over 400 options, there is almost nothing you can't control. Create as many search instances as you need - even duplicate, export and import them. Check the back-end

Create search result template for custom post type thus showing the search in a custom template, otherwise use the normal template. Edit: fixed the get_search_form() function call which would have returned true no matter what. registered in the US and other countries. This site is not affiliated with the WordPress Foundation in any way 10. Your Marked-Up Content Isn't Visible to the User. If a site has few pages, or few pages with marked-up structured data, a rich snippet may not appear. If Google, or users, can't see the.

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It has faceted searches, is AJAX-based, features different filter styles, and offers access to a better UX. All of the above options, however, are available only in the paid version.. The free plugin enables you to add a shortcode, which comes with a simple, not faceted filter, with the requirement to refresh the page to show the result Ajax Search Pro is the best live search engine plugin for WordPress. Customizable, more efficient and beautiful replacement of the default WordPress search bar. Supports WooCommerce and all custom post types as well

query_posts() is a way to alter the main query that WordPress uses to display posts. It does this by putting the main query to one side, and replacing it with a new query. To clean up after a call to query_posts, make a call to wp_reset_query(), and the original main query will be restored.. It should be noted that using this to replace the main query on a page can increase page loading times. Ever see images on Google or Bing and wonder how these search engines pick which to show? Before I continue on the components that help images be found on Google (or other search engines), do not delude yourself with personal search results. Those results are skewed. I wrote a whole post on it here. Images only show when they might help the query

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Create a custom search form. Learn to create a custom search form by following the directions in the tutorial below. If you have not done so already, create a form that stores all the form entries that will be searched. This will be your Data Form.; If you have not done so already, create a View that is shows entries from the Data Form created in step 1. . This is the Results Go to your WordPress dashboard > Settings > General. Now change the WordPress Address and Site Address URL to HTTPS instead of HTTP. (Refer image) HTTP to HTTPS redirect in WordPress. This makes WordPress itself handle the redirect. Additionally, all internal links within the WordPress app and website will be set to their HTTPS equivalents

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See get_the_excerpt () for more details. An auto-generated excerpt will also have all shortcodes and tags removed. It is trimmed down to a word-boundary and the default length is 55 words. For languages in which words are (or can be) described with single characters (ie. East-Asian languages) the word-boundary is actually the character The theme is no longer available from the WordPress theme repository for download. That means that over 1 million Astra theme users will not be able to update their theme via WordPress for five weeks And disabling the Show Hierarchy option will remove the indent and show all levels equally. This will result in difficulty for the users to understand the category structure. In most cases you may not need the sub-categories to show on all posts. each category in WordPress has a unique RSS link. Showing the RSS link next to category. 10. We have 2 web applications, in one of the web application search is working properly and we are able to see search results from Find an Item box above the list name. However in the other web application, searching for contents in the site works file but when we try to Find an Item within a list, it does not returns any results

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The refinement panel uses XML to display the results, so if you wanted to change what you see - it only takes a few steps. 1) Go to your search results page in your Search Center and put it in edit mode. Then edit the Refinement Panel web part. 2) Expand the 'Refinement' section. After the field that says 'Filter Category Definition. WooCommerce Product Search provides an easy search experience for your customers with live Product Filters - suited even for stores with thousands of variable products and product attributes. An example with a live Product Search Filter in action. Your shop page updates automatically, showing relevant and matching results, based on the. My admin bar not showing for other users like Editor, Contributor, and for the author as well and when i switch any of these user to an Administrator, Admin bar start to appear. Please help me non of your suggestions working in my case I have tried all of these. My admin bar not showing for other user except administrator

This will take you into your WordPress Dashboard. Click on Plugins.. Next, choose Add New from the drop down menu, which will take you to, essentially, a plugin store. Type Yoast into the search bar in the upper right corner. Click the Install Now button in the right corner of the plugin Why Google is Showing Less FAQ Rich Results. According Mueller, there were so many FAQ markup pages that Google decided that they couldn't automatically show all of them

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Then check the box next to Show hierarchy in categories widget's settings and click Save. #2 Display a Page Featuring Posts from Multiple Categories. Besides the page showing posts from a specific category, you may want to display posts on a page from multiple categories. Installing Advanced Custom Fields Pro (ACF Pro) plugin is an ideal option This conflict can also arise as a result of the plugin developer not following proper coding standards for WordPress. In some cases, the problem may not be coming from the plugin. It could be that a function in the installed theme is canceling out a similar function in a plugin exclude_from_search - Boolean; show_ui - Boolean; capability_type; hierarchical; menu_position; menu_icon; permalink_epmask; rewrite; query_var; show_in_rest - Boolean. If true, will return post types whitelisted for the REST API; _builtin - Boolean. If true, will return WordPress default post types. Use false to return only custom post.