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This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points. This changes the carrying capacity to 65,535 x Strength. I think that should be enough... Just put the .esp in your data folder. This is most likely a cheat unless you're playing your 2nd time thru and don't want to spend 1/4 the game lugging around loot to sell Carry Weight Modifier. Manual: Unpack and choose one .esp. Copy it inside your Data Folder. Activate the .esp in your Launcher or mod manager. Wyre Bash: drop in your installers tab. Choose one .esp from the Plugin Filter and disable the others. Install and activate the .esp can I decrease the carry weight? I would like a hyper (close) to realistic carry weight. Perhaps no more than 20lbs on person, 40lbs (maybe more w/ backpack) is this possible in this mod - I choose the weight parameters? (About to start a rugged, hyper realistic playthrough) Anybody know of any Frostfall, campfire similiar mods here in steam Allowing you to carry 5x more weight instead of 20x (the original multiplier is 5x -- the new light mod changes it to 25x; the first mod changes it to 100x). So, with the light version, if you have 50 strength. Your weight limit would be 1250 -- as opposed to normally only having 250 While the carry weight mechanic can help immerse you in the world of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, it can make dungeon-crawling frustrating. By enabling use of the developer console on PC, you can use Oblivion cheat codes to remove the carry weight restriction from your character

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Oblivion Carry Weight Cheat. 7/1/2019. V1.1, the 'light' version, changes the multi from 100x to 25x. Allowing you to carry 5x more weight instead of 20x (the original multiplier is 5x - the new light mod changes it to 25x; the first mod changes it to 100x). So, with the light version, if you have 50 strength So i managed to edit like 4 lines that can add abit more weight into ur pouch and backpack. Its ugly and dirty but it works.. ( like my life ) , tested on a whole playthrough no crash. This will add 50 weight to your pouch and 100 to your backpack. a smaller version adding 65 to bag and 30 to pouch. *Doesn't work online, but wont corrupt ur save Anyway your base carry weight is dependent on your strength times 5. So in turn when you put points into strength when you level up, your maximum inventory weight is increased as well. So say you have 100 strength, you will be able to carry up to five hundred pounds of equipment Learning the CS: Oblivion Weight Unit to LBs mod ^.^ - posted in Oblivion Mod Requests: You look at these forums,virtually everyone believes the 35lbs swords are ridiculous ,the average Katana weighs 2 lbs, crap ones can be as much as 4, maybe five, and the one I personally have is only ~600 grams (like 1.2 lbs) , on the other end, most the swords in Oblivion (well, some, whatever) are more.

I want to increase my carry weight (encumbrance) but I can't seem to get it to work. I have tried ModPCA, Player.ModAV, Player.ModPCA Encumbrance 500. The console doesn't complain but nothing happens. It's still at 200 Well, by definition no mod is going to be legit. If there were already purchasable fortify carry weight items, then that would be one thing. But there's not, so a backpack mod provides something that the base game does not. Also, it frees up an enchanting slot that you would otherwise use for carry weight enchants The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - carry more mod. Category Traditional. Size .2 KB. FilePlanet Review. Comments. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - carry more mod. This is an mod for Oblivion that simply lets u carry twice as much... =D. Disqus Comments. We were unable to load Disqus Carry Weight is calculated using the Oblivion formula (5 x Strength) and then it is scaled up to match the average Carry Weight in Skyrim. The Oblivion Carry Weights module makes it so it doesn't scale up, so for the Female Wood Elf their Carry Weight using this module would be 150 instead of 250

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All this mod does is buff your carry limit to an absurdly high number. It is for those who wish to carry as much as they want without having to use God Mode. No known mod conflicts. I did NOT make this mod. I AM uploading with permission. All credit goes to a personal friend of mine who wishes not to be named on this site for personal reasons. 0 Press ~ (or the key above Tab) to open the console. Enter these cheats for the desired effect. help - List console commands. player.additem 0000000F X - Add X amount of Gold. advlevel - Forces a.

As others have stated, there are a multitude of glitches that involve carry weight; so a direct answer becomes impossible. The first thing I would do in order to troubleshoot this would be to open up the console, click on the target with the troub.. Trooperdx3117 10 years ago #7. OOO adds as he said a gargantuan slaughterfish, there's also a plug in for 000 1.34b that adds diverse waterlife including fish like tuna and cod, etc and Mats monster mod adds in some sea life as well I think and as far as I can remember there is a mod on tesnexus that adds a bunch of sunken ships and shipwrecks

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invisible carry weight bug. Somehow I have a carryweight total of 450, however I added up the weight for every item in my inventory and it only comes up to 119.5. I tried removing all the items from my inventory and my carryweight went down to 435. I have also tried using player.resetinventory and that did not work Oblivion Carry Weight Mod. That's all there is to increase and decreasing carry weight in Skyrim. Gujarati fonts free for coreldraw. You can find more console commands on our cheat list. The UESPWiki - Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995. Dec 23, 2012 This feature is not available right now. Please try again later

Try making a full set of armor with carry boost enchantments and give them to your follower to really turn them into a pack mule. Or cheat. Whichever, but the above would also be plausible even for the Xbox version as well. This is correct. You can enchant boots, chest, ring, and necklace to 'fortify carry weight' Faedinout wrote: Elder Scrolls Forum on Encumbrance states: Carry Limit is not only a realistic challenge to players, but it is also a means of preserving the performance of the game. For example, if a player were to use a glitch to bypass the Carry Weight completely, and reached an overall encumbrance of 5,000, their game performance will.

The Keeper and (I think) Vagabond tree have perks that reduce (Keeper) or eliminate (Vagabond) equipped armor weight if only wearing a certain type of armor (all heavy = 50% reduction; all light = 100% reduction). Outside of those and the Ice Claws, I'm not aware of any other way (outside of the console) to increase carry weight r/oblivion. A subreddit dedicated to mods, screenshots, videos, tactics, news and anything else related to Bethesda's 2006 open world RPG - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. 129k. Members. 688. Online. Created Jan 25, 2009. Join I recommend 100 carry weight. requiem already does that and it's around 100 starting but depends on race. If you are a nord or so go with 120, if you're a breton or altmer go with 90 or 80. level 2. HoelessJoe. Original Poster. 2 points · 3 years ago

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More The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mods. Another realism mod. This adds weight to gold, so you can't carry hundreds of thousands of gold pieces. It also allows you to place gold into containers. File name. Downloads. Added. ReneersGoldMod.zip. 6 1. level 1. crossbt. 2 years ago. Realistic Capacity AFAIK, it adds a really reduced carry weight (starts as 36 but can be changed on the MCM), the items you have equiped doesnt count towards your total capacity and equiping the cuirass, gloves, boots etc give you some small carry weight buffs, all configurated on the MCM. 1. level 1. File Name: Oblivion No Weight Limit File Submitter: Pixie-K File Submitted: 02 May 2014 File Category: Other All this mod does is buff your carry limit to an absurdly high number. It is for those who wish to carry as much as they want without having to use God Mode. No known mod conflicts. I did NOT make this mod If you wanted to set carry weight to 1,500, you would change 500 to 1500, like so: player.setav CarryWeight 1500. Alternatively, you can make the game temporarily ignore all carry weight limitations for your character by running the following command: ToggleGodMode. The above command will also make your character invincible and stats like. Stuck with carry weight capacity 0 - posted in The Witcher 3 Mod Troubleshooting: So, Im not normally one to ask for help, but Ive spent nearly 10 hours fiddling and Google searching trying to fix this problem. Some background: Im following this guide here called Total Immersion Mod List I dont have all the mods installed but maybe 90% of them I do

This mod basically does what this thread wants. The more weight you carry, the more your speed is gradually reduced. This alone should probably be enough to fill most people's needs. It wasn't enough for me though, so I grabbed a few more mods. Realistic Fatigue abo2 made several realism mods, and this is one of them A short tutorial on how to change you characters's carry-weight in Skyrim using Console Commands.Leave a comment if you have any questions.Wallpaper from thi.. Falskaar is a new lands mod that adds an entirely new location to the game. Falskaar is essentially a DLC-sized mod available for free that adds a new area roughly one third of the size of Skyrim. Along with the new area is a set of 26 new quests - 9 main quests and 17 side quests. There are new items such as new weapons, armors, and recipes This is for two reasons. 1. Most people don't play Oblivion very long before starting with mods, and then are not used to the difficulty of playing with an overhaul. 2. You have to manage your mods, and overhauls are much harder to manage than other, lighter weight mods 18. Carry Weight Customizer. Check Out This Mod. As the name suggests, CWC allows you to change the maximum number of items you can carry. It will also allow you to set a custom number of items to be carried by your cart

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level 1. lightgreenspirits. 1 year ago. I don't know about mods but steal wine. I go to the skingrad wine cellar (you can get there easily in the thieves guild quest) and there is usually a large amount of it. It may not be worth a lot but I fence it In High quantities and make a couple hundred gold easy. 2. level 1 Oblivion:Making Money. Making money is an important aspect of gameplay. Whether you are a novice adventurer in need of training and supplies, a seasoned adventurer looking for a new house, planning on enchanting items, or creating your own spells, a stable source of income is essential. The amount of money you can make is unlimited and you can.

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  1. a still increases carry weight when levelling u
  2. Oblivion Lost. The purpose of this mod is to get closer to the old Oblivion Lost, and give the best performance possible. The biggest global mod, that extends the vanilla storyline, and adds back as many old and left out ideas as possible. Created by: olp team version: 2.1 Main Features: Global Mod Better AI Faction Wars Total Freeplay Improved.
  3. Mods for Oblivion. As epic role-playing games go, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is up there with the best of them. Which means that it’s really, really long and is packed with an incredible amount of stuff to see and do, from slaying dastardly Daedra in other dimensions to prancing about picking wildflowers
  4. Another realism mod. This adds weight to gold, so you can't carry hundreds of thousands of gold pieces. Tamriel's previous emperor has been slain, and with no true ruler the gates to Oblivion open and demons begin to invade the people and towns of the empire. It's up to you to find the lost heir to the throne and unravel the sinister plot.

A simple mod that adds a one ring that gives the wearer 1000 points of extra carry weight per ring, and another that adds 1000000 carry weight. It's your choice. Advertisemen Note that this adds ALL spells of Oblivion, including the spells that were used to test Oblivion, and spells added by activated mods. Without using modifications, there are more than 600 spells. This will make your spell menu load slowly, and it is hard to find certain spells with so many. qqq: Exit game without using menus: save <name> [1. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for Xbox 360.If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have.

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Surprisingly, she maxed out when my carry weight hit 271, which means her carry weight was only 220 this time. To ensure I covered all the bases, I cleared up my inventory so my carry weight was 414—as it was with Lydia the first time—and tested Faendal. He maxed out when I was at 144 carry weight, giving him a carry capacity of 270 Ayleid Crown of Nenalata - Reflect Spell 25%. Savior's Hide - Resist Magic 25% (if Breton, feel free to substitute this for something else) Greaves of Resilient Flesh - Resist Normal Weapons 11%, Resist Poison 50%, Resist Disease 50%. Boots of the Atronach - Resist Fire, Frost, and Shock 50% A few zero weight clothing items are available, and can be made more useful with enchantments. The best way to acquire armor, however, is by taking advantage of the permanent bound items glitch; a zero-weight version of any Bound Armor or weapon can be created this way Fallout 4 Cheat Codes And Cheats: Unlimited Carry Weight, Money, Bottle Caps, Ammo, Weapons And More Check our complete cheats guide for Fallout 4. Posted By Pramath | On 12th, Nov. 201

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  1. In order to carry the ring oneself, feather effects can be used to allow the character to carry more. The ring can also be dropped and then grabbed and carried around in order to negate its weight. How do you join the Mages Guild in Oblivion? With the Lost Art of the Blacksmith mod, you can build your own lockpicks at any forge
  2. moreHUD is an interface mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The mod adds a lot of useful information on the HUD. All these additions are hidden and show up only when required. The following things are added to the HUD by this mod: Carry Weight and Max Carry Weight (Only when targeting something that can be picked up or harvested). Player's Gold (Only when targeting something that can be.
  3. Mod: Extra Carry Weight. Download the Mod Here! One of the most annoying things about these types of open world RPGs (other than de-emphasizing story and actual roleplaying choice) is that you always have more loot than you can conceivably carry back to town to sell or disenchant
  4. Jan 07, 2008 About this mod. This is a simple mod that changes the Khajiit racial Eye of Night lesser power. Rather than having a duration, the night eye is now toggled on and off when the lesser power is cast. The NoEff version removes the spell particle effect upon casting. Jun 22, 2016 Top 10 Oblivion Mods - Duration: 7:24
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Oblivion Mod Manager: Makes installing and uninstalling mods easier. Let's you clean mods, check conflicts, registers new bsa files (makes new graphics work properly, whereas a glitch screws everything up otherwise), and does other things. I rarely install a mod without it Convenient Horses is a mod created for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by the author mitchalek and adds a number of new features to the horses of Skyrim, all of which are activated, deactivated and changed via an in-game mod configuration page. It is very user-friendly. 1 Features 1.1 Followers' Horses 1.2 Horse Armor 1.3 Horse Charge 1.4 Horse Call 1.5 Horse Whistle 1.6 Mounted Conversations. * Archery mods that alter bows and that don't properly set the bow range to > 0 (a known bug with Oblivion) will cause a CTD when MMM NPCs draw a bow with '0' range. Two such mods are Archers Arrows and Quad Damage for Archers. Either use a different archery mod, or edit these mods and make sure all bows have a range larger than '0'

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Ring of Increased Carry Weight (PS4 and Xbox One). You'll never be overburdened again with this mod. It adds a ring with 1,000 extra carry weight, and a second with 1,000,000 carry weight Emma's mods Grumpy's mods Vorwoda's mods Edwardsmd's mods Robert's mods Kateri's mods Majamikol's mods Amgepo's mods Lycanthrops' mods. Back to main page Misc Mods & Resources FAQ Tutorials Tools Miscellaneous Links Forum Contact Emma. Emma's Mods. Morrowind: Oblivion Base Value. 20. ID. 000f5cc6. A recipe to make a Fortify Carry Weight potion Leveler's Tower is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition.The tower can be found north of Helgen, a bit to the right upon exiting the tutorial-dungeon.. Despite being a player home, this tower can also be seen as a sanctuary for training purposes. Given that it adds a lot of features that should not be possible (for example having different.

Carry Weight COnsole Command - Permanent? player.forceav carryweight ### console command does it permanently force the weight to always be that number or does it still increase with stamina and such and simply set its current value to the specified number? I always mod the carryweight and yes it does increase with stamina. lilmissparty. Skyrim Redone, commonly referred to as SkyRe, is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, created by T3nd0. It drastically overhauls how the game is played, with new skill trees and game rebalancing. It has been succeeded by Perkus Maximus by the same author. 1 Features 2 Main Module 2.1 Light Weaponry (One-Handed) 2.2 Heavy Weaponry (Two Handed) 2.3 Heavy Armor 2.4 Smithing 2.5 Marksmanship. Question for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. How do I increase carry weight? Please be as detailed as you can when making an answer. Answers that are too short or not descriptive are usually rejected. Please do not use this box to ask a question, it will be rejected - this box is for answers ONLY. If you want to ask a question for this game. I got one that adjusted the max weight by altering the conversion factor for strength-capacity (think default is 5x, this mod set it to 20-25x I think) which nicely allowed the carrying of stuff without being too cheaty and letting you carry everything on your back; I can loot about 1 dungeon without over-encumbrance but need to sell/store everything I salvage afterwards, which feels about right Increase Your Inventory and Carry Weight with a Cart Alternatively, you can always opt to build a Cart, which will provide an additional 18 inventory slots and does not have a weight limit

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One of the mods that can do that is 100x Your Carry Weight - or 10x or 25x. There are other mods that implement this in different ways like increasing carry weight you gain from Stamina, or adding an 'Increase carry weight' spell found by searching Skyrim Nexus Here is how to do it, also, the mod example used there is actually to change the carry weight! Just search on google for sdk stalker your first modification Its the first result Reply Good karma Bad karma 0 votes. komorebi Jan 13 2017. THANKS! This is the only thing that have worked for me! Everyone with the 1.0006 version go with this

This is a guide to the amazing mod, Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul. This is an extensive mod, and recently has lost much of the guide that existed on the internet. So, I'm working on putting one together. This contains spoilers - basically it's nothing but spoilers, so you proceed with caution The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is the fourth installment in The Elder Scrolls video game series by Bethesda Softworks. It first launched on PC and Xbox 360 in 2006. Below is an index of cheat codes that can spawn any item in the game, along with instructions on how to use these cheat codes Oblivion Journal 16 Jul. --The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is such a huge, rambling game that it needs a long rambling review.I'm going to cover some general aspects of the game, then add points and interesting bits as I play more. I haven't played games like this before, so I get a kick out of lots of things that are near-beer and stale Pepsi to you hard-core gaming types

There are a lot of items in Oblivion. If you're a pack rat, you may find yourself quickly over-encumbered by all the items you can carry. Sometimes it's best to just drop an item you don't need and move on. You can drop items anywhere in the world, or you can place them into containers How to Enter Cheats for The Elder Scrolls IV on PC. To use these cheat codes, press the tilde ( ~) key to bring up the cheat console, then enter player.AddItem ID quantity. For example, if you want two baskets, you would enter: player.AddItem 00024D91 2. If you wanted three skeleton keys in Oblivion, you would enter There are a ton of Oblivion cheat codes available. Below is an inclusive list. Use any of the cheat codes in-game by entering them into the console. Call up the console by pressing the tilde ( ~) key. In some cases, you might need to select the character or object you want to use the cheat on with the mouse while the console is open So for instance if you have a load order with active mods (in this order) [Oblivion.esm, displayed_mod.esm, some_other2.esp, some_other.esp, displayed_mod.esp], some_other.esp and some_other2.esp will display in orange as they load in different relative order than they are recorded in the master array of displayed_mod.esp

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Oblivion uses the Xbox 360 hard drive extensively to cache (copy and reuse) game data. This is done to optimize all loading the game does. It has been found in rare cases on some Xbox 360s that. Weight Mod Req Rank Base ID; Lighter Build: Reduces Weight. +5 AP-3.2 - 0019443a: Padded: Reduced damage from explosions. +4 - 00245ab6: Pocketed: Improves carrying capacity. +10 Carry Weight +0.8 - 00194431: Asbestos Lining +15: Reduced Energy Damage and Immune to being set on Fire. +4: Armorer 1: 00245ad8: Deep Pocketed: Improved. Boosts the durability of armor and weapons 100% (x2), and weapon damage (yours and enemies) by 50%. Helps balance out the increased fighting you experience from increased spawns. MMM for Francescos. Named NPCs and stronger bosses now integrate perfectly, with MMM size/stat/flee code applied as well Longstride is a spell added to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition by Apocalypse - Magic of Skyim. It can be purchased from any alteration vendor. It increases running speed by 20% and carry capacity by 25 while castingit. If out of combat, the effects triple The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is an open-world action role-playing video game that first came out on Windows PC and Xbox 360 in 2006. A PlayStation 3 port released the following year. Like many video games, the PC version has cheat codes that allow you to level up faster, instantly complete quests, and more

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Cheats, Hacks, Mods and Trainers Unlimited Money (Works on all platforms) When in Winterhold, you can pick up the The Doors of Oblivion book infinitely and sell them for 50 gold each. The more you pick-up, the more gold you'll be able to acquire. Still works even if the skeleton holding it disappears. Guide video here The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough. GameSpot's Walkthrough to Oblivion features walkthroughs for the main quest and all the guild quests, as well as plenty of tips and hints! It's been a. People will want to get success in the work they are going to start but only few of them will do the right effort to achieve what they want. These people will also get admission in the best universities in UAE to get the degree in bachelor of business administration so that they will no

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The Woods. This mod is a small and simple outdoor forest styled location for screenshooting. It's in its own worldspace and is focussed entirely on looking nice. To reach it type cow ThWoods 0,0″ into your console (with the typo). There isn't anything beyond the trees, so it's not worth your time to explore This mod reduces potions to 0.1 weight so you're able to carry more than enough for the journey. Potion of Ultimate Levelling Skyrim is the kind of game you'll happily put hours into, but when you roll a new character, sometimes the last thing you want to do is spend days levelling them up This is a portable repair kit mod made compatible with Oblivion Lost 2.1.1. All credit goes to Nyagicha, the original maker of the mod. 1,343 1.76M

This mod is the current version of the original Oblivion Lost series, developed by Kanyhalos & OLP Team. The purpose of this mod is to get closer to the old Oblivion Lost which was planned by GSC back in the days, and give the best immersion possible, while implementing the best mod features: Total Freeplay, Improved A-Life, New Levels, Extended Main Storyline and Reality Enhancement Realistic Light Overhaul (RLO) This is the best and most comprehensive lighting mod, but it's not 100% confirmed that it really works with Skyrim VR. I have it installed and don't notice much. The Russian answer by Akkella to the MIB88 Megamod. Global Mod is an extensive russian Fallout 2 mod, which is an ideological successor to Alternative Life mod, authored by Mynah aka Avega. Most importantly, this mod is interactive and is being developed from early alpha version to a final release. During its development players are welcomed to test for bugs and glitches, and voice their own. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a Role-Playing Game developed by Bethesda Softworks and released in 2006 for PC and Xbox 360 and one year later for the PlayStation 3.. The game places you in the role of a prisoner, convicted of an unknown crime and incarcerated in the dungeons of the Imperial City Reasons To Use The Console. The console in Oblivion isn't merely a tool for players to openly cheat, by altering aspects of game-play via the use of commands, but it is primarily intended for 'modders' - and the developers of the game - to test areas, scripts and other important factors in the game

Skyrim Special Edition is a re-release of the massively popular adventure title from Bethesda, bringing with it improved performance, stability, and support for modding thanks to the move to 64-bit SOT Carry Weight at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus. Nexusmods.com DA: 17 PA: 32 MOZ Rank: 50. About this mod This is meant as a time saver, not a cheat. Player's carry weight will increase when he acquires a follower. Having two, three, or four followers will also increase carry weight for player 11. Oblivion Hair Pack. Check Out This Mod. If you're after lore-friendliness, you won't find anything more fitting than a set of hairstyles that came with TES IV: Oblivion (the best Elder Scrolls game ever made, fight me if you disagree) SOT Carry Weight Mod : skyrimmods. Reddit.com DA: 14 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 81. I made this mod after playing Requiem 3.2 for a while; It does not require Requiem, but was made with it in mind; Its a way to increase carry weigh while remaining lore friendly; The mcm menu will let you select the carry weight bonus per added follower, from just 10 to a.